As a squishy champion main I generically and subjectively hate assassins. It is in my nature to do so as i can only kill them late game or if they are tied down in cc. This new dark harvest allows assassins to nullify any squishy champion even more now and it also allows Pykes to use his ultimate on me when i am half health. It allows assassins to one shot you at level 3 also, which is not good for ADCs who typically want to scale. I ask Riot Games to think about us poor ADCs next time they do anything to assassins. Us ADCs have endured item nerfs, stupid mages in the bot lane (go away Karthus and Swain bot lane mains), Brand and Zyra as supports, our postion being useless for half of season 8, and the fact that ADCs are only vaguely useful now till late game with a proper support. In just season 8 alone we have absorbed so much stuff, so just nerf dark harvest and Pyke for this patch as I am sick of being one-shot by assassins. I also call for a new armour item for ADCs which actually benefits us similar to Mercurial Scimitar, Wits End and Maw of the Malmortious.
Thank you for reading. I have guides on the ADCs I have played so feel free to check them out and check out my other blogs if you have the time.