League of Legends is an incredible game, and if it wasn't I wouldn't be here. But I haven't been playing it much at all recently. I just wanted to express my thoughts about why I haven't played a lot recently.

My first reason for not playing league recently is the appeal of many other games such as Rainbow Six Siege which recently entered it's new season. League has taken a back seat in the games I want to be playing at the moment. I would rather play Hearts Of Iron 4, Rainbow Six Siege and War Thunder than League right now. This is just my current preference yet I'm sure league will captivate me again.

My second reason is Esports. Instead of playing league, I have been watching Fnatic's rise in the LEC and the meta shifts in Korea. I also have to put out there that EU>NA, it's fact at this point. In my opinion league in professional play is so captivating, it develops your personal play and also is so exciting to see both teams play at such a high level. For some reason I find the NA lcs exciting too, something which some argue to be the most clustered and worst-quality Esports in the world.

My third reason is with the game itself. Don't get me wrong, I think League of Legends is one of, if not the greatest, game at this point, yet the ADC position is not exciting for me anymore but it's the only role I feel like playing ranked in. I like playing support Morgana but you can't carry that much in ranked as a support in low elo; I like playing Renekton top and he is in the meta right now but my top lane macro and control is lacking; I like playing Sejuani jungle but my ganking is not that great; I like playing Morgana mid but that is not a great way to carry. The only role I feel comfortable with is ADC, but I don't want to play it. I want to put the work into a different role but I'm conflicted as to what to play. I will scroll through my champion pool and just wonder what to play.

Thank you for reading my thoughts, I just wanted to put them down here as I want to try and get back into the game.