I envy all of those who got into silver from the get-go. No bronze trolls to deal with, even though there are trolls in silver, those trolls were good/lucky enough to get into silver. The high class trolls. Personally, I've been bouncing around bronze for awhile, making it to bronze I then falling back into bronze V multiple times. Of course everyone in bronze always says, "I don't belong here, I'm only here 'cause of trolls," and so I'd like to believe that is true for me, but if it is indeed true I should be able to get out eventually. Today I just came to talk about different types of players, specifically the ones I encountered in a game I just played.

I was jungle Nautilus and we had a top lane Garen, a mid lane Orianna, and a bot lane with Tristana and Lulu. The game actually started pretty well with a successful invade and me giving Garen first blood, but I'm not here to talk about the game, I want to talk about the players. We had me who was pretty well 4/3/6, all of my deaths coming late game when the rest of my team effectively fed their opponents to the point where there was nothing I could do. We had Garen, user nomnomnubz (putting his name in here because he's good and I want to give him recognition), who was dominating his lane, and like me all of his deaths came late game; he was 10/6/9. But then we had the wonderful Orianna and Tristana. Orianna gave the enemy Fizz an invitation to her all-you-eat buffet, 4/11/2, while Tristana who was 4/7/10 wasn't doing anything to help our cause either. But our story doesn't end there. Of course, midway through, Orianna started throwing out blame in every direction, and that, on top of her feeding, just made everyone despise her. Tristana however wouldn't let up, harassing Orianna, cursing at her and threatening to kill her. This was enough for me to report her anyway but it gets worse. During the post game chat, Tristana was telling the enemy team that Orianna was harassing her, making racist comments, and threatening to kill her, all blatant lies. So naturally, I defended Orianna saying that she was merely a bad player not necessarily a toxic one and that Tristana, in fact, was the one to be reported for being toxic. Tristana responded by stating that I was in a duo with Orianna (which I wasn't) and that I was lying to protect Orianna. Her in game behavior along with lying in order to get someone reported disgusts me and it's why the LoL community has become so toxic. I don't want to shame anyone, but I feel anyone who plays LoL should know that NastyCracker is a toxic player, willing to lie to get someone reported and divert attention from himself. If you know this player please talk to him and try and help fix whatever is causing this toxic behavior that is destroying Lol.

-Cdr. Sheperd