Hello everyone my name is Daniel and this is my personal build for ASHE !!

RUNES : Precision , Press the attack , Overheal , Legend : Alacrity, Coup De Grace, Sorcery , Celerity and Waterwalking for more speed on the water when you want to run from the enemy.


1. Berserker`s Greaves ( Speed )
2. Infinity Edge ( Doubles your attack )
3. Runaan`s Hurricane ( More speed )
4. Statikk Shiv ( Speed and slows the enemy )
5. Bloodthirster ( Shield and high damage )
6. Phantom Dancer ( Best item for speed )

The idea of this build is quite simple , if you first have enough speed the damage comes more quickly. Never engage in a fight without first 4 items. Ashe is a slow charachter untill you make the full build so you have to wait for the right oportunity.