Big Fat LoL Quiz
So on the 4th of July 2010 I made my EU account on League of Legends. So to celebrate the 3 years I've spent enjoying League of Legends, I decided to make this quiz to share the joy.
The irony being that as of right now a hacker has the details to my account and I'm currently waiting for Riot Support to get my account back ;(
But nevertheless. The show must go on.
The person who submits with the most correct answers wins 6450RP. There are 200 questions exactly.
All these questions have definite answers and any additional points are clarified in the questions. There are no assumed relationships or comments on fan fiction in questions about canon. Any Lore that has been rewritten is assumed as correct and unless stated, questions will not relate to older lore, canon etc.
Once you have your answers, send them to the email provided at the bottom of the document. Once a winner is chosen, they will be contacted to know they have won. Arrangements for the RP will be made then. Everyone else will be replied to with their score.
The quiz is split into sections covering different parts of League, with some being easier than others. E-sports is a lot easier than Patch history if you watch a lot of streamers for example.
But anyway. Have fun. Enjoy.
I'll probably create a youtube video detailing the answers to all the questions sometime in the future.
Google Docs link (view only):
Download link for the Quiz (will allow you to edit it at will): ExamplePrime out.