Game 3

Current stats are;
Highest Rating S3: 1546
Current Rating S3: 1480
Highest Rating S2: 1792
S3 Wins/Losses: 30-31
Most played: Darius - 10 games (60%)
Second most played: Rengar - 10 games (50%)
Third most played: Lee Sin - 10 games (20%) *reason I'm blogging

Bans - Amumu, Shen, Vi, Jax, Darius, Lee Sin
Picks - Malphite
Blitzcrank, Olaf
Caitlyn, Orianna
Kassadin, Ezreal[ME]
Taric, Udyr

Top: Malphite v Olaf
Mid: Orianna v Kassadin
Bot: Caitlyn + Taric v Ezreal[ME] + Blitxcrank
Junglers: Udyr / Maokai

Runes - Armourpen Marks and Quints, Armour Yellows, MR scaling Glyphs and 1 Crit chance Gylph

Match Preview:
They have a VERY strong team. Malphite and Orianna mean they have a very strong teamfight. I need to get an Iceborn Gauntlet for kiting Udyr and BT to keep my life up fighting all these bruisers. Caitlyn + Taric will be strong but it will be determined by how good Blitz is. I think the Kassadin pick was bad, and I don't think he will do well against Orianna at all. Olaf also usually does badly against Malphite. I'm keeping my hopes up as always cause it will be down to implementation and how well we do.

Result: Forgot to screenshot it so pulled result off LoLking.


Match Overview:
I did pretty badly. I also should have gotten BT first. I'll update this once I've gone over the game myself but I didn't deserve to win in my eyes, Blitz did however.

3:30 - Mao comes in but I'm half wanting the creeps at the tower. I also don't expect
anything to come of it. I then burn my flash and ignite when I know it won't kill him.
4:40 - Forget Cait has a ward in the bush and waste time then walk into her Q. Just bad
play and lack of awareness
6:15 - Mao comes in for a gank and I Q a creep in front of me like a boss. Still pick up a
9:00 - Blitz goes in but Taric outplays us dropping exhaust on me so the trade splits even.
Udyr comes in and flash stuns blitz. That with Taric and Caits flash he is unable to escape
11:50 - Mao comes down and we kill Cait then Blitz suicides so I can kill Taric
13:30 - We start a fight and Malphite prevents us picking up two of them. We do Dragon
knowing smite is down expecting to win a fight. Malphite and Orianna pull off a good combo
but we win the teamfight despite losing Dragon. Blitz' pull actually means I miss a vital
part of the damage that might have gotten Udyr though
I should have started going for BT now, then going for Guantlet after however I make the
mistake of going Gauntlet first. I don't know if I would have been better getting Triforce
instead of Gauntlet but it seemed the right move at the time.
16:00 I miss too many skillshots to make the trade worthwhile but Cait makes a blunder and
lets Blitz get an easy hook for the kill
18:00 I went top to try help but the gamble ends up not being worth it
20:30 - We see them going for Dragon and make he massive mistake of trying to take out Ori. Taric however is sitting in the bush and stuns me almost immediately. If he hadn't been there I could have used flash to escape most likely but that was a large gamble on my part. Having a BF sword there instead of Gauntlet would have ensured my kill
22:00 - I may have equal CS with Cait. However I still have terrible CS. This and my lack of damage means I'm offering little to fights but a large slow. Blitz also had to take a large chunk of my farm because I was dead. Gold difference is 5k. Not looking good.
24:15 - I see Cait firing over the wall but try to avoid Malphite to no avail. We are all low HP, Blitz was blocked trying to pull Cait. We are in bad shape. Instead of Mao and Blitz, Kassadin is sitting blowing spells on Malphite instead of jumping the wall onto Cait. I fire off a bad ultimate because I've not been watching the fight so don't see the low HP cait. Malphite then wipes me out. Cait is not dead. Fight lost.
25:15 - They go in too deep to defend an inhib tower and gold difference furthers still. Mao is dead and I've still no dmg.
26:30 - Our team pings towards Baron but we've no wards there and I'm bot farming. If it had been warded I may headed up but I stayed not expecting them to a) be there or b) have my team engage if they did. Blitz dies as they get too close and they go for inhib. Kass dies in a derp way. I try to kite their team but the armour auras and threat of getting too close means we can't push them off our inhib.
29:00 - Our team is chasing the baroned-up team around for some reason. More deaths and turrets lost.
31:00 - As we defend Mao, Olaf and Bliz engage 3v5 and getting ruined. Game is effectively over.

How I can improve
I went into that game without having played any game before it. This could have been an excuse for missing skillshots earlier on however later on I was still missing a few.
I need to improve my last hitting as well although that was certainly affected by the first game of the day. So playing a practice game before is something I'm going to do from now on.
The biggest problem however was my build order. I should have gone Sheen, BT, LW THEN maybe Gauntlets. Maybe even Triforce, LW. Too much tankiness on their team and too little damage from me.

Reasons we lost
Kassadin against Orianna was 1 sided and ended up proving more detrimental as the Kassadin failed to assassinate anyone important. Olaf lost the lane to Malphite and Mao didn't help much to recover it. Their teamfights were also much better co-ordinated and every attempt at a play from our team was sqaushed.

New rating - 1464
W/L: 30-32 (Still negative)