Game 4

Current stats are;
Highest Rating S3: 1546
Current Rating S3: 1464
Highest Rating S2: 1792
S3 Wins/Losses: 30-32
Most played: Darius - 10 games (60%)
Second most played: Rengar - 10 games (50%)
Third most played: Lee Sin - 10 games (20%) *reason I'm blogging

Bans - Malphite, Diana, Blitz, Amumu, Shen, Evelyn
Picks - Nunu
Ezreal, Teemo
Rammus, Orianna
Jayce[ME], Dr Mundo
Yorick, Caitlyn

Top: Yorick v Jayce[ME]
Mid: Orianna v Teemo
Bot: Caitlyn + Nunu v Ezreal + Leona
Junglers: Rammus / Dr.Mundo

Runes - Armourpen Marks and Quints, Armour Seals, MR scaling Glyphs and 1 Crit Chance glyph

Match Preview:
Nunu + Rammus + Orianna is scary engage. I tried to pick a safe top so Yorick is the only thing the guy could have countered with. However I'm not sure how well Cait and Yorick go with their team comp.
Ours was messed up with the last pick being Leona. Although we have Mundo and Leona for engage we have 3 squishy champs however we can poke them down and then hard engage.
I reckon we've a good chance as long as I don't die top a lot



Match Overview:
Good news. I didn't die top a lot. Bad news. I wasn't the problem.
Also I was furious at the end of this match. Both teams complimented me and said I shouldn't have lost... But I did.

I started with boots + 3 pots because I knew all of yoricks damage comes from his ghouls, so wanted to be able to sustain and outrun them to avoid dmg
I also lose a lot of farm this game just by Yorick being able to zone me soo effectively and because farming with my Q is expensive

2:25 - Mundo gank. I poke him with an auto attack but miss my Q. I was aiming to let Mundo come in and slow him so I could then land a hammer strike. However Yorick flashes but thats worth the gank.
3:30 - Yorick starts acting weird and at first I think he is just being very aggressive but it slowly shows he has DCed. I try to knock him back when I realise but its too late. Lame.
4:40 - Yorick returns but I stay around to snipe the big creep
6:05 - I return to lane and realise if I can keep yorick in lane I can kill him so open up with my Q and an auto, I pop W expecting him to stay around but it was a waste of 40 mana. However I get a couple of autos in and jump him in hammer. I flash over him to hammer him back to prevent his escape and ignite and auto attack to death. I also throw a Q to finish him but ignite finishes him off first.
7:30 - I watched the other lanes a bit here as I was back at base and realise they are all getting outplayed majorly. Not cool.
8:00 - I'm back in lane with Ninja Tabi and a Vamp Scepter as well as wards, a faerie and pots. I have the Tabi to escape and survive Yoricks harass. The scepter increases my dmg as well as give me more sustain against Yorick. Wards and pots are obviously, you should always have two wards at top lane since its snowball dependent and ganks can mess you up badly. The faerie charm is something I've started doing a lot. Most top laners need mana, but its awkward to get it from runes or the masteries because then you have to sacrifice something. But 180 gold is nothing in the long run. So I pick it up on people like Jayce, Jarvan and Nocturne. People who are scary with their spells up but are item dependent so can't afford to get a chalice or philo.
9:00 - I try to farm and sustain off ghouls. I try to poke at Yorick a bit and realise my sustain and armour is keeping me quite even with poke. So I aggressively engage to try soften him. I then feign calling back to come in for more damage before Q+Eing him and dropping ignite as I back off for another kill.
12:00 - Back in lane and Yorick takes some turret dmg desperately trying to poke me down realising I'm not as easy a lane as he thought. I try to set up for Mundo but as Rammus comes in we try to disengage. However I dont outrun him in time to instantly burn flash before I'm taunted.
I also try to drop some harass back as they try to get Mundo cause I see Teemo coming up. We engage on Rammus and I drop my gate to not only increase my Q damage but to assist my team-mates. However he flashes as Ori appears and I realise she is a much weaker target than Yorick so I switch over to her bursting her down significantly. However Teemo and Mundo didn't a) stick on Yorick or b) move together. So me and Mundo both get ignited and we back off into river, Mundo however turns around to cleaver hitting Ori's ghost. This gets him killed, he would have escaped if he had cleavered Yorick. I then try to Q+E Rammus as he retreats to the tower but dont realise my E is on CD so just burn mana. Teemo goes on Ori forcing her away from him. However she gets greedy chasing for me but having just used her two main spells I turn and blow her up. At this point I know Rammus has either a) retreated or b) if he remains I can kill him too.
However killing Ori has given me blue buff so with Teemo engaging Yorick I decide to Q+E him placing the gate in front of me so I can switch to hammer and using the Unit Collison ignoring passive from switching forms I Q onto Yorick and smack him back towards the bushes. I then turn on my W and auto attack him twice before switching to Ranged and firing off my Q for the kill.
Botlane Ez also somehow manages to get a shutdown and double kill meaning we got 4 kills for 1.
However we are still 1.5k gold behind after all that.
14:40 - I return to lane with a Brutaliser and Ruby crystal. I also have blue buff so know I have a limited window in which I can continually harass Yorick due to the increased Mana Regen.
17:00 - Although I'm massively ahead of Yorick I'm still being zoned at times due to his ghouls. I know however his mana bar is getting low. He has to now either choose between harass or sustain.
18:00 - Because I've leveled up my W to max second I'm actually outsustaining Yorick mana wise now meaning I'm starting to make a dent on his health bar. The victory is short lived however as I'm forced to back off and our jungler dies to Ori. I however come down and beat her around letting Teemo get the kill
19:00 - Before I recall I beat Rammus around as much as I can and push the way to prevent a) Rammus ganking as effectively elsewhere and b) lowering Yoricks potential farm
20:30 - Try to get on Ori to push her back and get the tower but everyone arrives and Leona loses too much hp, Ez misses everything. So as they back off Ori over-extends as Cait ults to ensure that Ez dies before a fight even starts in return I kill Ori since she came too close. I then realise that Caitlyn needs to die for our team to win the fight they are trying to force so flash in after Q+eing to get a full ranged W on her so she has minimum armour to lead in a Hammer Q+E+ignite for the kill. However she flashes as I switch to Hammer and not as I flash in with W. I'm now screwed as neither Cait will die and Ez was already dead Teemo dying to Cait ghost, getting too close and ignite.
I probably shouldn't have jumped in on Cait but I was soo sure I would be able to burst her down. Especially as she didn't use Flash as I flashed in. However I probably should have knocked Nunu away before jumping instead of taking the full Ult to the face. At this point though its obvious we have no real team comp synergy or even co-ordination.
23:30 - Team-mates start dying so I charge down only to catch Cait and extingush her. Can't catch anyone else though, CDs OP
25:00 - Rammus tries to catch me but I escape. But we get on Yorick. However we can't kill him yet Leona drops her ult. It was a nice shot but we can't follow it up so the whole enemy team just walks out. Mundo then walks too close and gets put out the fight.
26:00 - Right here. Mundo can't fight. Teemo is backing off, I'm over a wall and Leona is jumping over. Ezreal is waaay out on his own. It takes 6 seconds for them to both die.
There is just lots more of people almost catching people out.
28:20 - Leona gets caught and dies to nunu. I see Rammus running away and just saw Cait. However I get baited into a trap as Mundo dies to Cait and Yorick/Yorick Ghost almost immediately and I've already commited. So I try to damage Cait as much as possible before I go down. Looking back I shouldn't have flashed but I panicked because I didn't expect soo much damage.
30:00 - Lots of people die and I try too hard to catch the low HP champs and just get hunted down by Nunu and killed.
32:50 - I get caught trying to snipe someone off. My team are dying left and right now. No co-ordination. Enemy too fed. There is no real ending fight just cleanup.
35:00 - They go for baron and I almost die because I put gate behind me for Q+E instead of infront then turning for a Q

How I can improve
Be more vocal during champ select. I should have gotten our Leona to go with the Nami or Lulu picks cause they would have been more beneficial, however I said nothing.
I also need to remember to not use Q+E for damage and thus leave me with no escape. Also need to not go jump Caitlyns if I've no get out plan.

Reasons we lost
Cait went Godlike. Our team comp was part poke and part tank it up, it didn't synergise. Got caught a couple of times myself but really my team were outpicked and outplayed. Rather heavily too

New rating: 1449 W/L: 30/33