Game 5

Current stats are;
Highest Rating S3: 1546
Current Rating S3: 1449
Highest Rating S2: 1792
S3 Wins/Losses: 30-33
Most played: Darius - 10 games (60%)
Second most played: Rengar - 10 games (50%)
Third most played: Lee Sin - 10 games (20%) *reason I'm blogging

Bans - Malphite, Evelyn, Shen, Blitzcrank, Ezreal, Skarner
Picks - Amumu
Sivir, Janna
Taric, Caitlyn
Lee Sin, Darius
Vlad, Pantheon

Top: Vladimir v Darius[ME]
Mid: Pantheon v Kassadin
Bot: Caitlyn + Taric v Sivir + Janna
Junglers: Amumu / Lee Sin

Runes - Flat AD Marks and Quints, Armour Seals and MR Scaling Glyphs
Masteries - 9/21/0

Match Preview:
Our team has very high mobility except me on Darius with a pull. Their have strong laners and a strong teamfight. I reckon midgame will decide this.

Result: - Was annoyed I lost so forgot to take screenshot lol


Match Overview:
To come

How I can improve
Not lag out and give away first blood badly.

Reasons we lost

New rating: 1431 W/L: 30/34