Game 2

Current stats are;
Highest Rating S3: 1546
Current Rating S3: 1480
Highest Rating S2: 1792
S3 Wins/Losses: 29-31
Most played: Darius - 10 games (60%)
Second most played: Rengar - 10 games (50%)
Third most played: Lee Sin - 10 games (20%) *reason I'm blogging

I would do the whole analysis blah blah but this was a STOMP.
Replay and result up but no need to analysis, I missed some farm all I can learn.

Top: Jayce[ME] v Jax
Mid: Twisted Fate v Evelyn
Bot: Ashe + Nunu v Corki + Leona
Junglers: Shaco + Amumu

Runes - Armour Pen marks and Quints, Armour yellows, Scaling MR Glyphs and 1 Crit Chance glyph.