Game 1

Off to try my first game that I'll record.
Current stats are;
Highest Rating S3: 1546
Current Rating S3: 1445
Highest Rating S2: 1792
S3 Wins/Losses: 28-31
Most played: Darius - 10 games (60%)
Second most played: Rengar - 10 games (50%)
Third most played: Lee Sin - 10 games (20%) *reason I'm blogging

Bans - Malphite, Amumu, Shen, Blitzcrank, Darius, Yorick
Picks - Lee Sin 1st pick for us
Taric, Volibear
Jax, Gragas
Garen, Ezreal
Sivir [ME], Sona

I picked Sivir this match because I saw Volibear, Ezreal and Taric. I realised bot lane was going to be a nightmare, and had to pick an AD carry that would survive fights and kite out Garen. I also lucked out as Ahri is another champ I would reckon Sivir is good to pick against.
Starting the game now.


Top: Jax v Garen
Mid: Gragas v Ahri
Bot: Sivir[ME] + Sona v Ezreal + Taric
Junglers: Lee Sin - Voli

Runes - Armour Pen marks and Quints, Armour yellows, Scaling MR Glyphs and 1 Crit Chance glyph.


So this game went really well. Early on the Ezreal came too close with his Taric to interrupt Lee Sins jungle and had to burn his flash when he realised he was in too deep. This let Lee Sin lvl 1 gank bot and I got both Ez AND Taric. This let me push in the lane quickly and go back to get a dorans and long sword. I had gone boots and 3 pots because I expected to have a tough early game and would need to outdistance Ez and Taric.
I was fortunate to have an aggressive Sona and this helped win the lane and eventually game.


Match Review

Spoiler: Click to view

What I learned: Check internet connection before the game. Learn to kite better. Don't get cocky ESPECIALLY if lagging. Don't be lazy, kite.
Build Rundown: Early game was a no-brainer since I got such a quick double kill. I then opted for Vamp and Boots however so I could catch and stay away from the enemy as well as outsustain them. As sustain not only beats poke it tips the lane further in your favour. I finished IE first since I wasn't tower diving and IE is the best AD item anyway. Statik Shiv helps me push better and I'm really liking atm for the fact it forces you to kite to reap its full benefit. Synergises with Sivir really well. Black Cleaver is also my new favourite replacement for LW and I didn't go GA or Mercurial Sword 4th item because I wasn't finding myself being focused.