So recently I was reading the recent posts and I came upon something on Vapora about him wanting to make a new guide. I wrote all the replies and saw someone tell him he couldn't do a guide better than his own, since he had tons of experience with that champ.

Curious, I visited the guide. It was ok, had some mistakes which seemed pretty obvious. I commented about those mistakes and something else.


So after the drama on that thread I get some message from said person claiming I downvoted a random guide, even after me saying I cba about that person's guides or guides for that champ for that matter since all I need is his build and I got that from Solomid already.

Then I finish my Syndra guide, and see that all my guides were downvoted. And 2 messages on my inbox (one was from Mowen saying I forgots some stuff :3 )

"You are one butthurt little ****. You remove your downvotes on all three of my guides, and I'll remove mine on yours. Pretty ****in obvious it was you, only reason why you "didn't" downvote my "-" guide is because you already have a while ago (Lolwat I hate Talon, Vapora knows that.)..."

tl;dr "imma blackmail you for some votes. If you didn't downvote, you'll probs upvote so I win, if you did downvote you'll upvote and I win harder."

Point: this is why I think vote-to-comment should be obligatory at all ranks. Also meh that I got two sets of full downvotes, but that's life.