Don't really know for sure why it happened, but I stopped playing league from one day to the next. Just lost interest. I even had the elo deccay warnings and gave no *****.

It probably started happening when inhouses became a clique-based version of soloQ where Riot decided to let matchmaking go to ****, where even some of the funniest people started not caring about leaving their mic on since, you know, the focus was on winning and communication gets in the way.

Then I joined a team where everyone was at least one division below me, which was fun at first, but grew old feeling like I was constantly pushing everyone to victory without much respite: I did well, they did well. I did ok, we probably still won, they would do "well". I did bad, game was over. Meh.

The final touch was probably the revamps of champs I like, paired with same boring *** champs nearly every game. You'd think having 110+ champs in a game would stimulate variety but not really. It was a mix of having these champs I love feeling alien because their strengths and weaknesses got randomly reshuffled, the knowing I had at least one guide with 2 million views that was now absolutely worthless and being acutely aware that another chunk of my roster has been eyed for future reworks. No respect for dedication whatsoever, the only way people can play this game is with a "must win" zombie mentality where 75% of their picks are top rated picks.

Curiously, I almost never use Mobafire when I don't play League, but I suppose a few people might wonder if I died. It's been so circlejerk-y lately anyway. At least the memes are fun, but scouring through all the "look at how big my ***** is" and the "wow I'll suck yours if you teach me how to grow mine" is not worth it.

Will miss LevasK, LatestLegend, Pengu and Wayne from EUW, a few people overall (many of which already were pushed away in the last 1-2 years). I might rejoin or retry the game soon but for now the spark is completely snuffed. Also got a job, although this doesn't mean much because last time I had one I still played a lot *shrugs*