I've been trying some different stuff. On one hand, I wanna focus on what's strong on Swain, on the other I might wanna help him overcome weaknesses. Here's what I've been using, halp me out agreeing with/questioning/dissing what I've been using.

Double flat AD Quints with his hybrid pen marks, been torn between flat AP or Magic Pen for the third quint. Marks/seals are generally resistances, be it flat, scaling, stuff.

Reasoning: I think Hybrid Pen Marks are great on Swain, specially since I generally pick him into champs with less range because he excells at those lanes, not to mention the new Offense Mastery penetration is also hybrid. Torment plus auto-attacks is great harass and these runes improve both. I got the double flat AD once again due to the hybrid pen which will work gud with autos, and because of how that extra AD seems to help with those auto-attacks on creeps early on. I've been thinking that Doran's Shield popularity on melee solo laners may hit the effectiveness of these runes when it comes to champions, but it won't leave the minion issue unscathed (of course the solution would be "get better at last hitting", but it ****s me versus pushers).

The last missing Quint is the one that makes me wonder. However, I think the flat mpen is better now, specially since I'll start Doran's Ring 9 times out of 10.

I sux at maths halp me asienz plis I r lateenoh