Oh man I've been poking around Dark Souls 2 reviews and they've made me so excited o.o It's so rare nowadays to have (spiritual) sequels to something good (demon and dark souls) and getting as feedback stuff like "retains it's roots but improves upon them and delivers what people desire".

I mean, other spiritual series successors I followed have been a disappointment for some time now, namely Final Corridor XIII and Square-Enix' need to "re-invent" every single aspect of game, from game to game, creating useless systems like the Crystarium, Sphere Grid and Job Something which are variations of the same **** without actually improving upon themselves /rant

So yeah, Dark Souls 2 arrives in my country Friday. RIP life + wallet.

Note: I will not be able to proceed with my Nuzlocke challenge thing. I had already defeated Erika but my bf's laptop - where I'm playing - had some nasty video drive damages and yesterday I had to try 19 times to make it a clean slate because I'd get blue screens before I was able to get to the menu for a fresh reboot. Obviously I couldn't get any backups :/ So now I'm just playing Pokemon White 2 normally.
Ironically the reboot only allowed for more time between video drive crashes, we still had to force a fix on that too.