Yes you should be there. I have played a total of 10 games in bronze and lost 0. Got bored since it's repeatedly like playing against bots. No offense, but that is how it feels.

I've hit my amount of walls as I climbed elos: Silver 1, Gold 5-3, Plat 5, and getting better took me out. However, I felt the frustration of being stuck somewhere and thought to myself that maybe MAYBE Bronze is indeed this cesspool of leavers, intentional feeders blah blah blah.


Bronze, my dear stuck mates, is the place where people don't know how to play. Plain and simple. You may know what's FotM, what's picked on LCS and stuff, but you don't know jack about the game. Runes, Summoners, Masteries, Skills, Skill Order, Tricks, Positioning, when you're about to die, what you should be focusing, who you should be focusing. Nothing. Heck, can you even Flash through a wall.

If you want help, I can give some tutelage. But do not expect me to duoq or elo boost (lal ilegal anyway) because I am now sure that doing so will teach you nothing and you'll either get carried up or sink down.

I mean, I've seen Tryndamere starting with a 360 blade to jungle without any pots, leaving (my) blue spawned until minute 12, Fizz starting mana crystal with one pot and tower diving at level 1, Heimerdinger/ Janna bot without any ADC on the team and neither carrying Flash, I've suffered two semi afks who returned halfway when they saw someone was ultra fed, I've had a Darius top ask me (adc Vayne) for a gank because I was fed, Veigar 0/3 rush Mejai, Yasuo literally not casting a Wind Wall ever (I asked him and he said he doesn't use it so he doesn't level it until he has to)...

No. You stay there, learn to beat that ridiculousness and rejoice once you do. Because until then, you not only deserve that spot with the rest of them but you should also stop crying about it. No amount of fed opposition should stop you if you know what you're doing because they don't.

Tl;dr: Man up and carry, you crybaby.