So I'm going to go over what I'm liking and not liking from what I've seen in the patch preview for Fizz.

#1 - Katarina - Honestly, this really doesn't do anything. Yeah it is a nice change, but she still needs a lot more then this to make her viable.

#2 - Ranged AD - So while we don't really have any info on this one, my problem is that they are touching some carries, but not all. The biggest ones being Twisted Fate and Sivir. These two have great potential but are severally lacking compared to others. Twisted Fate has not gotten any buffs in return for his huge nerf on his Ult, which was pretty much what made him any good, and Sivir has been left out in the dust with how she shares similar skills with other champion which outperform her skills. Honestly, both these champions should have their range increased to be more in line with other ADs so they stand a chance.

#3 - Sion - Not much to say on this one besides it probably not doing much.

#4 - Sona - This one is just dumb and while I've tried to stay away from jumping to conclusions I really am beginning to think Riot hates supports. Sona was just nerfed REALLY badly and only recently slightly fixed back to where she was viable, and now this. She out shines other Supports? Best harass? Her Q can easily miss / push the lane or even steal CS, she has NO CC *Taric/Janna*, and she has no other way of doing anything else besides auto attacking. Honestly at this point I wish they would just change Supports to Casters with heals and stop nerfing them into oblivion, because that's what they seem like they are trying to do.

#5 - Summoner Spells - I completely agree with Clairvoyance being easily spammed, so I'm glad that is getting changed. Giving Supports more options though? I don't agree. Promote is nice, but it is just not a Support Summoner at it's core. It steals CS, it pushes the wave for better or worse, and it is honestly just more deserving for a tank.

#6 - Masteries - Now this is what I'm excited to see, I've really hated the current trees with them being really non flexible and being a pain to respec due to taking or not taking a certain summoner spell. We are also a step closer to fully removing dodge!

Overall it looks to be an OK patch, but some of these things I really question and I'll really have to save my judgement until I see the numbers.