Game Design and Development

Alright, cool subject right? I certainly like to think so. Personally, I love to actually get into that and am actually working on a project of my own including programming my own Game Engine. However, that isn't actually the subject of this blog. This morning, or afternoon rather because I mean come on, why wake up in the morning if you don't have to, I took a look at the newspaper and read an interesting article regarding outsourcing.

Now outsourcing in general is something that I dislike but right now I figured I'd try it. Now don't worry, not asking you guys to write a cool algorithm for me or an AI agent based on Artifical Neural Networks but I've decided to set up my own forum/community that revolves around Game Development and Design. Issue: I don't have a name yet. Names I did come up with are already taken, the url, that is.
Challenge: I'm asking you guys to come up with a fitting name for my new community. Stick to these rules:
  1. The name of the url; which is the name + '.com' should be available. Please check that with this.
  2. Since I'm planning to build a company around it, make sure it's not bound to any existing companies. References are fun, ripoffs can't be used.
  3. Maximum of 3 names per person.
  4. The name should indicate what kind of community it is.

I will award the winner of this contest €10,- worth of RP. The gifting thing is still available so that won't be an issue.

Best of luck,