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GrandmasterD's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Swords Of Darkness

28 Feb


Name: Laciles
Title: The Green Menace

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 15
Knowledge: 0
Endurance: 7


In the Montes Promotorium mountain range in the far north dwells a nomadic tribe of lizard-like creatures. Even though the conditions are harsh, the tribe has dwelled there for many years as it provides excellent protection from the outer world.

Laciles was born as the son of a high priest, one...
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14 Nov


In this post I will discuss all the attributes a hero will have in my game. Most of these attributes will be pretty straightforward and will not require a lot of explanation, however if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below.


Heroes can either have an affiliation or none. One team plays on behalf of the kingdom of Insomnia (yes I know its a weird name, me and my friends came up with it as a funny idea and I got used to it; I welcome all creative suggestions.) and the other team plays on behalf of Shadûz....
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04 Nov
Dear Summoners,

I am GrandmasterD (or Nick, whatever you prefer) and I figured I should make use of this new blog concept. I figured I did not have a lot to talk about as my life is not that interesting but I thought about something I could write about even though it is not really contributing to this wonderful community.

First, I will tell you a little something about me. I am a 19 year old Mathematics and Physics student at the Utrecht University and I'm an avid gamer. I play League of Legends a lot, I often find myself still playing at 2:30 am while I know I really shouldn't do...
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