Wanted to test my throat and my computers rendering speed before I even attempted commentating a game and was met with mixed success. Rendering time isn't too bad, but my throat gets dry as fk which makes it commentate for an extended period of time. Something like a 30-40 minute game would kill me. (This is pretty long already).

Video located here

I will fix my mic for the next video so it isn't as scratchy and so that you can hear me without blasting your speakers, and I'll also make it so you can actually see the tier list without the use of a magnifying glass. I think I do a pretty ****ty job explaining looking back on this, but just tell me what you think. Tier list as it stands:

Tier 1:
Jarvan IV, Hecarim, Vi, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin
Tier 2:
Amumu, Maokai, Cho'Gath Nocturne Shen Trundle Shaco Olaf
Tier 3:
Malphite Volibear Elise Diana Udyr Dr. Mundo Kha'Zix Singed Evelynn Fiddlesticks Sejuani
Tier 4:
Darius Zed Riven Shyvana Jax Irelia Taric Kayle Master Yi Talon Fiora Nautilus Katarina Rengar
Tier 5:
Tryndamere Alistar Rammus Nasus Gangplank Blitzcrank Pantheon Jayce Warwick Leona
Currently Unplaced:
Wukong Fizz Karthus Yorick Thresh Sion Poppy Akali

Explanations provided upon inquiry. Yes I know it kind've copies Stonewall, but my main role is jungle, I'm not going to make a tier list of a role I'm not great at.