Now that I'm (hopefully) finished with all the major things about my Darius guide for a bit, I have some time to make some other stuff. I'm thinking of making an AP malphite guide, a mid mordekaiser guide, or a shen guide. I initially wanted to make a lee sin guide as I have a ton of experience playing him in high and tournaments, but I see a lot of lee sin guides out there and there has to be at least one good one. Right?

As for my jax and gangplank guides, I started overhauling them, but gangplank really is unsalvageable upon further testing, and there seems to be decent enough Jax guides out there so I won't be finishing those anytime soon.

I'm thinking of making some replay commentaries or uploading some videos of sick plays. I used to play a game called combat arms a lot and made a ton of video content for that game as well as some commentaries, so I'm decently familiar with that, I just don't know if people would want to see it.
Heres a sample commentary that I never finished of me playing jungle ali a LOOOONG time ago in a rank 5 vs some 1500-1600s. (I was 1500-1600 myself at the time and looking back I was pretty holysht bad l0l). The video is months old, if my voice annoys you don't worry too much, I don't sound like that anymore <_<.