Well, I don't know how you came to this, but as you are here now, you might aswell blow your mind with the most idiotic fabulous champion ideas you have ever seen. I basically do these when I'm bored and got nothing else to do, and if I like my Idea, I'm working on it to make it as balanced as possible.
I posted my first 1 or 2 champ Ideas with completed stat and damage numbers and so on, but I figured out it is probably just boring to read and also takes too much time for me. Besides, a champion that is pure theorycrafting will barely ever have the balancing of in-game champs that have been tested out for months anyways.
So, you can always ask me if you want precise numbers (I got them ready for most of my champion Ideas) but I wont include them in the text. Numbers that will be in the text are cooldown, range and effect/CC durations, as they are essential for balancing purposes.

So, let's get on to the champion Ideas:

Ghora, the Dreadful (AD Bruiser)

Zurg, the Voodoo Shaman (Supportive Tank)

Filona, Envoy of the Woods (AP Tank)

Devi, the Ki Engineer (AP Carry)

Eryn, the chorus girl

No Name Idea (AD Carry)

Placeholder (empty)

That's it so far. New champions will be added whenever I'm bored enough. Feedback is appreciated, so tell me if you found any truly outrageous Idea or if you think I should flush any of these down the drain.