Just wanna share something, maybe useful :)

Color is one of the greatest aspect that can control human's vision, it could instantly make your eyes catch things that differently or make your eyes hurt because the colors you see either didn't fit or just messed up.

Thus, by controlling the color inside your guide, you will be able to maximize the eye catching effect of your guide even more (you don't wanna make people bored by using only one color)

The fixed BB code tools allowed you to use certain color, however, some people that understand how HTML color work should know that


Does anyone know this ? (because this never mentioned on the BB Code guide, either its already common knowledge, or no one ever thought of it)

If not, let me explain this trick.

on pressing the "Color" button, you can choose certain color, and you got this for example


If you want to use your custom color, you need to know the color number, its the one with #00ffff on the example above.

For a good example, use this site, its allowed you to search your own color, just like on photoshop http://html-color-codes.info/

then copy paste your color number into the defaulted code, for example, if you want to have this color, you must enter this code :


result : example

Alternatively, you can just add the name of the color instead of copy paste the numbers, not only using "Green" or "Red", you can also add colors like "Darkviolet" or "Navy".


Result : example

A good list of color name can be founded here http://if.invisionfree.com/topic/423042/1/

But remember, by learning how to modify BB coding's color doesn't mean you can use the color on wherever you need, use it too much and it will hurt everyone's eyes with innapropriate placing of ALL THE COLORS

No one want to read your guide if you paint it all with red, so you must know when to add them and where.

A good placement of colors is on : Headings, title, keywords, summary, or name of an item / champions / Masteries / Runes.

However, you can add color for a whole paragraph on certain conditions, like in order to add variations, and especially, to catch people's attention on certain section of your guide.

Also one more thing, the reason I use much brighter color is because MOBAFire have dark background, obviously, darker color won't help much and bad as attention hooker on key words, its also not an eye appealing.
But brighter color is highly distracting, don't use it too much, better use rather less brighter and more between dark and bright, but not grey-ish, it was more like combining white grey with a bit of color, good for most time.

Here some example, they all shades of green, but was different on each others and have different effectiveness.

Example : Bright color (Good but can be distracting), Bright whiteish (Good but hard to find a good combination), Dark color (the bad one, its camouflage on the background lol)


Hope this small guide can help you on doing your duty to make a great League of Legends guide, because remember, wall of text is bad, and monochromatic text is also bad. (basically, everything that makes your reader bored is bad)

feedback, comment, suggestion and +Rep is always appreciated ^^

Special thanks

-NA- Veng Lmfao to the suggestion of using color name instead of number and suggestion to add information about how to use color properly.

jhoijhoi On suggesting on use code tag instead of quote.

GrandmasterD for further notice of bright color side effect and suggestion of color shades.

janitsu On triple bracket code trick

Question : I think I should submit this as a guide, not as a blog, isn't it ? ^^;