Tryndamere is one of those one dimensional champions. His playstyle consisting of spinning, right clicking, and pressing R not to die. He is a pure statcheck, and he's not even tanky! My take on Tryndamere rework.

inspired by Vars' video on outdated champions!

Passive: no changes.

WHY: Because tryndamere passive is already on a good spot

Q: Barbaric Slash:Damages enemies in a line, leaving a crater which after a short delay, deals additional. Apply on-hit effects only at the second damage instance (the delayed one, Sheen only applied on first target hit, prioritizing champions). Both of the damage can critically strike.
If you have at least 50 Fury, consume it, healing you and refunding the cooldown by 50%.

VISUAL: create crater, it erupts from the ground.
The cast time is short, so you can use it to cancel your AA animation at close fights.

WHY: Because normal tryndamere can't do anything outside battle except shouting, so I add him a skillshot to give him more impact and skill expression. And there's no better place to put the skillshot other than Tryndamere's Q

W: Added effect: Shout effects duration is reduced. Enemies hit by the shout effect are also marked. If you damage the champions with mark, you will gain 15/20/25 Fury (scaling with level) and extend the duration for 1.5 seconds.

VISUAL: You know the chickens when your enemies get hit by W? If you hit the enemies marked with chicken, you turn the chicken to fried chicken.

WHY: To make Tryndamere's playstyle more interactive, I think it's good to give him a small objective.

E: no changes, but the damage will be slightly reduced.

WHY: Spinning is one of the most iconic part of Tryndamere's kit. To fit with my Tryndamere's rework concept, I just need to lower the E damage slightly because his Q now also deals damage.

R: gets Q passive. The can't die duration is slightly shorter, but you get extra attack speed and movement speed.

WHY: Can't die is one of Tryndamere's trademark, we shouldn't change it into something else. AS and MS gives you another reason to activate ult. Now you're slightly harder to kite.