So today I was playing league of legends with my friend Todd and during an ARAM I found out that there is one melee champion that I'm not too bad with! *drum roll*


Well, I've played Kat before but I never really was good with her, but after the re-make she feels a bit smoother now. I know shes technically one of the "easy" champions to play but I've never been good with Melee.

So, after my ARAM I decided to try a real 5v5. I was paired up vrs. a Ziggs and I was toe to toe getting CS. I was able to keep up with CS and such, which was nice. I didn't feel too comfortable just yet trying to kill him. I did die once in mid around level 4 when the jungler got a root on me, my bad.

At 6 I started to feel a bit better and got a kill off ziggs, ganked top, and got a double kill bot.

As team fights came along we were winning and I was doing really well. I was 10/2 durring the end. Our Miss Fortune was feeding the Ashe, so I tried my best but team fights were unorganized so I started dying more. We were winning but when Miss Fortune initiated the last fight, we all died and they pushed for victory.

Personally I was happy with how I played, I can say this was my "fist" game as Kat because when I bought her and played her it was vrs. Bots all the time.

I am so happy that I can play Melee I was inspired:

Last night was the first time I felt that my skill was coming back to me. When I first started playing again I was doing really bad, the only champ I could win with as Orianna, which isn't bad but I missed playing Lux and for the first week I couldn't hit any of her skill shots, which is strange because I was doing so well with Orianna.

Anyways, so.. here, now I'm happy..

As far as my graphic making here at mobafire..
I've been updating my Ahri guide (I'm saving the changes and publishing later when all the new stuff for season 3 comes out and I do some more testing). So that has been my first priority.

Here is a taste of the graphic update:

I've updated my graphic resource guide, you can find that here.

I added:
» New Tutorial
» New textures
» New C4D
» New Renders
» Fixed Gradient
» Fixed Gallery
» Added PS Brushes
» Added PS Action and Patterns

So.. along with updating my Ahri guide, I'll re-doing my signature shop and doing the current requests I have.

*wipes brow* Busy girl