Dear Summoner!

Everyone knows it: You won your Lane and suddenly a fed Jungler showed up and killed you; You look at the Scoreboard why this Lee Sin is soo fed, too only see that your Mid Laner/ADC is in the first 5 min 0/5/0.

What can I do when an or multiple Enemies are fed?
It isn´t that easy too accomplish and i can´t promise it works everytime, but Focus on snowballing as a Team. If 1 or 2 Enemies are fed, then you can Focus on them first (at best kill them before you head for a Teamfight) soo you have a statistical high Chance of winning the Fight (Say that in the Team Chat, because for some Players that isn´t that obvious)

How can Top Influence the Game ?
Most Top Laner think that the Job of the Top Laner is: Be Tanky in Teamfights or push Top Towers like crazy.

But that isn´t all their is. A Top Laner is supposed too help his Team in Team Positioning. If you stay on the Top Lane farming and pushing (No matter what happens), then the enemies Need too send atleast 1 Player too kill you. But if you managed too win a 1 Vs 1 on Top and can hold that score of deafeating him, then they will Need a second One too help them out. YOUR CHANCE!!

How too Lead your Team too Victory!
After you accomplished him asking for Help, try too always have Vision and more than 1 Escape Route (I personally always ward Tribush and River). Inform your jungler that you will preassure Top and that it will be likley that you are going too get ganked. May ask him too stay on Topside Jungle or a nearby Position too help you out in Time and win the 2 Vs 1 + 1. With this tactic you can feed yourself and your jungler!

The Formula is simple and effective: You win the 1Vs1, bait for a 2Vs1, soo you can ambush them with a 2Vs2 or more!

When I´m winning Top but the Laner Plays too safe and I can´t reach or kill him?
The simple answer is: Stop Pushing! If you calculate, then are 15 creeps more worth than a kill, means you just Need too farm too get fed, furthermore if you decide too Freeze (at a range where he won´t get XP or Creeps safe) then you kick him even further out of Game (as Tipp: Freeze at a Point where you can´t be ganked or you always can reach safety)

How too Push?
The Trick of a Garen Push is too annihilate his creeps faster than he does. First Focus on the Casters, because they do ranged Damage, shoot faster and have less HP. After the Caster get the Cannon and then bother about the Swordsman. (OFC get the creeps first before they die!)

How too Freeze?
Let your Miniouns die and just do the last hit ALAP (as late as possible)

How too survive hard Laning Phase?

For Example: Darius, Teemo, Yasuo and our beloved Pantheon. They cause all Kind of Diseases in their Brains. These Champions can be very hard too Play against, because they do unreal Damage in a short Amount of Time, without making any sense, they have low cooldowns, extra crit on speels too make them more unfair, True Damage, Camouflage, etc.

Their are different ways too handle These Lane bully´s:

1. Rule them
2. Get Ruled
3. Dodge them

1. Every Champ has a Time were his Kit falls off for quite a Time or Their kit stays all trough the Game the same. But if you know how, when and what the negatives of your enemies are, then you can Rule their Game with using their Weakpoints like Fiora.

2. If they are your Hard Counter and you think you can´t win the Lane, ask for your Team too help, Play Safe and let him farm, try too get the XP and hold your Lane. This is called getting Ruled. Try too watch for fights on the Map where you can help and maybe sneak some Gold in (ATTENTION! You must look he is too greedy for something too help the Fight, because if he joins it could turn the fight around you were about too win.

3. You see your Hard-Counter and don´t wanna Play against him: Ask too Switch Lane, Ban them, dodge Game, etc.

As you can see there are several Ways too deal with them, the best one, is too learn how too Play against them!

How too avoid Poke?


Tipps & Tricks?

Vision? When and where ?

How too avoid Dying at a Gank?

Tank Matchup

AD Matchup

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