Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of Leage of Legends!!! Teemo! Versus! Blitzcraaaaaankkkkkkk! BEGIN!

Teemo: Super Teemo, im on duty, this hunk of junk is disgusting, patoie. I have 6 different skins i wont lie im just as fast as the next guy. Your a bad robot, worst than Optumis Prime, do you have a robo arm, stun shield? Its Panda Teemo time!

Blitzcrank: Fired up and ready to serve, if i was mad i would flip you the bird. You think you can rap? You poor little sap, i believe some may call you a rat? I have a arm that grabs, you have fluffy, fat skin and tiny little flabs, my robot arm will knock you up, then you'll yelp like a weak little pup. Now see here this fight has only begun, my rymes kicked butt worst than a fresh fired gun. You think you won? Kid you got nothing on me your just a fast little yordel cant you see?

Teemo: You blind? Bolts is this a sick joke? You got more rust than a poor folk...

Blitzcrank: (Gasp) Now its on i'll make sure that when im done, there will be nothing left but a pile of ashes make sure that we are announcing: Defeat! This poor little creep, has the worst stealth in the game he cant move or then he'll be seen and wait theres more this fat, little rat will make a nice hat, and that as they say is that, i'll feed you to a cat, he'll enjoy a nice snack and whats a snack with a bottle of cat! foooood!

Dr. Mundo: Who Won? Who's Next? You decide! Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends!!!!!!

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