Goodbye everyone, the time has come to say that. I will be shutting off Mobafire for a very long time. On November 1st, I will be getting rid of this wonderful place, due to school, I don't have much time for this right now. I only ask for on thing, for someone to continue Epic Rap Battles. I want to thank, JhoiJhoi for her guide to making guides, which has helped me make my first and only guide. I want to thank Wrath, Anna, Matt, and Dill, also Cuddowls for playing with me on League of Legends, and helping me with my playstyle. Honestly the one thing I learned from them was, that Rageblade isn't viable on Kayle but Nashor's Tooth is xD. Big thanks to Psiguard for helping me with my Nunu & Willump build, his advice helped win many games with him in ranked and draft.

Thanks to Miss Maw, Keondre, Arcana3, Tinystar, Wombo, Effinvices, and JhoiJhoi for their amazing sigs. They were amazng and really gave me that "I know waht I'm saying, and doing on this website" look.

Thank you The LZ and TheNwaa for helpin me with the rap battles.

Thanks to Yehosera for helping me with my guide.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this site and the game.

I shall miss you all, Mintleaves is in the wind.

For good. :.(