Hey there this is Mintleaves and I've been poking around other guides on MobaFire and found a few who had a LOT of "Troll-Voters" and I was looking at their guides and was looking at the comments.

Troll-Voter "Wooooow, Bad guide. -1"

Creator "Ok well what was wrong with the guide that you didn't like?"

Troll-Voter "..."

This is an example of a short conversation between a "Troll-Voter" and a "Creator" of a guide.
One way to deal with this is to, leave and go do something else, before you go around being rude to other people's guides. Come back and see if their is anything wrong with your guide ask others for their opinions. See if there is anything else you can do with your guide.


Would you want to read a guide who has less that a paragraph of information in it? No. You wouldn't, so why would you think other people might? They wouldn't. So try to add more helpfull information.

If you feel that you didn't derserve a downvote hopefully those "Knights in Shining Armor" will come along and help you by "Counter-Voting" (Counter-Voting- People who think that you don't derserve a downvote, and upvote to retaliate for it)

If you have ever gotten a "Knight in Shining Armor" please leave his/her name in the comments.