Deep in the forest of Albion, laid the small village of Oakvale, unchanged by time and untouched by sword.

“Come on, wake up” I could hear my father saying, in my dream, why is he here? “Wake up son.” I felt the world rumble, then I woke. My father was shaking my shoulder, “Daydreaming again, were you? Just like your mother; mind always wandering.”
He was right, my mother was off to Barrow Fields to do some shopping, she was buying presents for my sister, it was her birthday today, “Well let it wander off to find your sister.” He informed me. “Where is she?” he looked at me with disappointed eyes, “She’s off playing by the Barrow Fields gate. Remember, you haven’t given her a present yet.” Ugh, why do I have to get her a present, well my dad will bail me out. “Don’t tell me you forgot to get her one. Well, Im not bailing you out this time.” He said harshly, “But dad how will I get her one?” I asked in about the same tone. “Hmm, I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a gold piece for every good deed you do around town, that should be enough to buy her a present.” Work, why does her birthday have to be special, I usually get clothes for mine, which I have plenty of, well maybe if I didn’t tear them when I went playing by the beach, I’m sure I’m not supposed to do that, so I tell my parents that I was playing in the woods. “Now get moving, and stay out of trouble.” He demanded.
I walked up to my neighbor and friend to see if she needs help with anything. “I’ve lost Rosie!” Sounds like she does, “Her stuffing needs changing today and I can’t find her, please help.” Oh dear lord, it’s a stuffed toy. “She’s a lovely little furry bear, with a blue patch on her back.” Nice, now time to find it so I can make my dad happy and get some gold. I walked further up the road, and heard a man and woman giggling behind the house on the end, “Hehe, your so naughty.” A woman said, “Awe come here my little sangoose.” Wut? Im not sure, but I think he just called her a rat that licks its butt after peeing. I walked up to him and immediately he started panicking, “What? I was just…I’m…I’ve never even met this woman. Who is she?” Oh great, he’s been bad obviously. “Look, sonny. Keep your mouth shut about this, right?” 2 things, 1: Im not his son. 2: If you want me to be quite don’t tell me to shut my mouth. “My wife’s home with the little ones, and I’m supposed to be working.” Hmm, liar and a cheat, Im starting to see some cash flow in. “But a man should be entitled to do what he likes, don’t you think? I’ll tell you what, if you keep this little secret. I’ll give you a gold coin.” Cash from a bad man or gold form my dad, well, dad it is. “Just don’t tell my wife. I can’t let her find out about this.” Yep sure, no problem.
I head more into town and I find the man’s wife, and a traveling trader. I step up to the trader, and ask what gifts he has for sale, “Hello lad! Im a Trader, I wander the world buying and selling wares, especially from fine folk like your good self.” This guy seems nice. “Some little girl, told me you had a sister and that its her birthday.” He said to me, “Yeah, but I have no gold for now.” I said, “That’s fine come back when you do, and I’ll sell you this box of chocolates.” I walk to the house almost parallel of the inn, and see the man’s wife, I inform her of what her husband is doing, “Right, Im going to turn him into Balverine food!” She yells as she runs off.
A man by the warehouses looks like he needs help so I walk towards him and see that he was holding his man parts, “Uh, excuse me.” I say as I walk up to him, “do you need help?” He runs towards me, “Oh, thank goodness. Listen lad, can you do me a favor?
“Sure what do you need?” He looks off to the woods, “I’ve got to.. er, you know, answer a call of nature. Stay here and watch this stock for me, there’s a good lad.” I Put my hand over my face, why am I living here? “Sure, I’ll watch it.” “Just stand between those two stacks and don’t move. I’ll put a good word in it for you when I get back. Right-won’t be long!” He left and I walked up to those stacks, a little kid comes out of one of the warehouses, and suggests I break the stock. “Buzz off kid, I need this gold.” “Your just a big blubbering girl.” “Whatever.” He leaves and the man comes back, “Excellent! Thanks lad. You’ve done me a big favor. I’ll let your dad know what a splendid watchman you made.” I head towards the barn to watch the birds fly by, “I need more gold to buy a present, who else needs help?” “OW!” I heard someone shout, I ran up the hill and saw two kids, one older than me and one about the same age as the little girl by my house. “You stupid little idiot!” I walked up to them, “Uh, get him off me! Please help! He goes around town beating up anyone smaller than him. But you look strong. I bet you could scare him off for good!” I turn towards the big kid, and I punch him, “Don’t mess with him again.” I tell him. “I’m sorry! I’ll leave him alone, just don’t hit me again!” He runs off and I start to talk to the little one, “if he comes back let me know and I’ll hit him again.” “Thank you! You stopped him good, thank you.” He hands over Rosie the girls bear. “Where’d you get this?” “Me and my sister was playing together and I was hiding with her bear.” I start heading towards dad, to get my gold, and I dropped off Rosie along the way. “You found Rosie, thank you so much! Come on Rosie lets go change your stuffing.” I walk to my house and saw my dad sweeping, “hey dad, I did what you said, come on fetch up the gold.” “Here ya’ go son, now go buy the present.” I bought the chocolates and ran to my sister at the gate.
“Hey sis.” I greeted her.
“Hello little brother” she said back.
“I hope you haven’t forgotten what day it is. Like you did last year.” She said to me.
“I didn’t sis.” I told her
“I’m sorry if I woke you up last night. It was another one of those dreams. I was standing in this field when something happened, but I cant remember what.” She stared towards the gate and then back at me, “Well, sis I’m sure it’ll come back to you, meanwhile, surprise!” I pulled out the box of chocolates, “I knew you were going to bring me chocolates. Its just like my dream.” Well she ruined the surprise, “Come on, lets go home, mother will be back for my party any minute now.” The gates opened, and we both ran towards the fence thinking it was mom, “BANDITS!!!” a man was screaming, he almost made it to us, when he was shot in the back. A bandit gang was running towards us and then the one who fired, kicked the man, “Got one!” he cheered. My sister ran home, I hid under the fence, and the bandits raided Oakvale, and killed everyone in sight.

To be continued.

Based on the RPG Fable: The Lost Chapters.