Hello. I am MixD aka MiximumDennis and I went on my smurf account and i want to teach and coach players there individual. I never hard stomp so I don't ruin games so don't think otherwise in your hate if you have one. More than 300 games in iron which is where most of the users of this sub probably are. Here are some advices that every player struggling to climb needs to do in not particular order of importance:

Gank and roam to top. This is very important. Be practive. Doesn't matter if it's tank or not. Doesn't matter if your toplaner died. Just gank them. It will make them feel better. Work on getting the shutdown when appropriate. Especially if it's Yorick, Kayle or Illaoi matchup, and absolutely Vayne matchup so better learn towerdiving techniques and champion just for that. The reason being if they get hullbreaker and stuff they can reach your base in less than 20 minutes which is just sad and sadly often seen in low elo mindsets. Also quick note - Please dont leave your lanes. Catch waves always. that's the secret to 10 cs per minute and Yorick not winning the game. What i like is getting red buff and ganking level 2 them because i dont want my base gone.

It's pretty obvious that all people in Iron (the real ones, not random smurfs) struggle because of outside problem. Wanting to play a cool free game but you live in a third world country and your parents can't afford good internet, not computer. That makes them depressed and they want to spend as much of time with their kids as possible for which they are ready cut your pc cable just so you can some for dinner. That can't be fixed with snapping fingers but i can try to fix some client bugs that help you not become afk remaker. First - If your client freeze the match start button, you can fix it with this so you can play. Now, lets talk about the FPS drops and lags. If you see your ping go to 100 and 2000 suddenly, try your best to find a safe spot and alt tab. Then go to task manager. Go in the Riot programs section and delete all Crash Handler. It's useless task. It makes the crash handling slower than it needs to be. The ms ping should get back to normal soon. This is useful lifehack so you dont just default to restarting your computer and wasting even more item especially if you dont have ssd so no way you gonna connect before the remake happens.

Surrendering is a nono. You are not saving time. You are just going next to lose again most likely. Don't blindly follow Korean challengers that cry for hostages. They ff because most of them play in internet rooms and not at home so they time actually costs money. You though, don't do it. The best thing you can do is to stand on the ground and wait for the enemy to get bored. Yes, Even in 2vs20 situation. Just smile and shill. Make jokes in the chat which you should not mute btw because it makes you social. And also think of the bright side, you can finally reach mundo R level 16 and get the bonus healing. Or you can punish the enemy for stomping you without too much effort. There are so many possibilities. Listen to that one Pantheon quote, fellow summoners. Don't forget that if you are lower level than you opponent and you kill them, they will respawn slower than the same situation when they kill you. I am comeback kid for a reason.

Reporting and honoring. League toxicity is huge. With or without some 6 foot Five giant using it in his advantage. Think before honoring your duo because it has reduced effect. Also dont honor the hyper always. Just because they have many kill doesn't mean they are good players. look at his prime example. You can see Diana hard winning lane. What she did though? She gain ego and decided to not buy Zhonyas against Fizz. She got hit by his R literally once and became a supporting character in Meg 2 starring Jason Statham. Seconds later she lost her nexus. You see what i mean? I would not report her even if her name is literally "you get mad" which kinda implies she wintrades but it's highly likely it's just a joke. You can be Iron and be Robert Downey Jr. Don't forget that. If the league matchmaking makes you play with someone 3 times better in ranked for some reason then they have no right to flame you. They just want to turn their slaves into ashes and rule over them. just look at this clip. 7 in a roll. This is just crazy. Higher elo doesn't mean they have higher mindset. Just because their profile badge is shinier doesn't mean they are the boss. Remember, cars are made from Iron, not from Challenger. Just because your teammate is 0/7 doesn't mean it's a troll. Having a bad game happens often. Use everything. Use them a a bait. Use them as gold reset. It's very highly likely enemies will waste ults and flashes just to take them. That's worth. They are not killing you. They are killing the feeder and get 25 gold for it. Not 300. 25. Warwick ult for 25 gold. It's all about the bounty system. As conclusion, you know the "Better smurf wins" thingy? Well it works both ways. Your smurf may mental boom and lose. They want to be the main character and carry. If they don't then they dont carea bout the game. Many smurfs dont climb. They just want the montage clip and move on. It's common misconception that the smurf will always outclimb you. I can provide sources if you want. I am not spreading propaganda. I am talking about proven facts. I want to say a quick note - Dont use your stun abilities all at once, wait for a teammate to do it and then after the effect goes, you can use yours so you buffer the duration.

Freezing and playing safe. Don't do that too much. Many students tunnel vision on that. They all watched Zoomer Sword on Irelia and Jax do it once stacking 3 waves and batchest after. If you can hard push the wave and escape, there is no reason to freeze. Just get the wave, go proxy, go die for a plating of turret if you can execute it. The important is to ge things going. Gain tempo. PLaying safe mostly means you are afk. If you lose tempo, go gain tempo. If you have tempo, gain more tempo. That's the rule of tumb in the game.

Itemization and counter. Never. I repeat. Never forget counter items. Excluding being last pick as Rammus when you see enemy lock in wind brothers, you should not forget items. The wind brothers may buy QSS for you and Force of nature. Don't understiminate them. Dont forget for your assassins to buy Serpents fang second or third - very cost efficient item. If your teammates refuse, you can be the driving force behind it. Buy it on Morgana if you want for easy W. The important thing is you stop enemy Ekko from shielding, you stop enemy Karma and stuff. LDR against tanks too. Don't buy rev hydra and bloodthirster first second or third item guys. Please, that' s bait build. You are coinflipping your games for just higher number on your ad which you dont need. Utility is king. Many guides tell you you dont ened to buy seprents and anti heal items against Sion or Garen. Lets kindly ignore them and just buy serpents and anti heal items against Sion and Garen. Just do it. Do you know if Sion has stacked Heartsteal and Grasp? Ever wonder why he is so tanky? Cus the shield and heal. He gets. Just LRD is not enough. Just saying. Also last but not least - Don't think Qss counters Mordekaiser completely and dont think Illaoi without e is useless. That's a bait. Morde still keeps the stats and he can still crystal scepter slow you until you lose your life so Phase rush is the only counter to morde unless you are rally good renekton and etc. They are statcheck champions that has not skill to stomp with them. They are troll kings. What you can do to stop them? buy serpents ad your assigned anti heal item. You will say that they dont stack but if you can apply it in two different ways then it would worth. You have to predict when will a enemy heal and shield. Steraks is popular item. this game is perfect example. Just keep your head up and apply pressure. Also femboy winter is great item. @ me.

Stop banning Yuumi. As the top 5 best designed champion in the game in the last 5 years, she doesn't deserve that. You are wasting your ban slot. Ban Kayn, Ban Yone, Ban Mordekaiser. So many useful bans and you decide to troll by being a dog person? Banning Yuumi it's like banning Azir. Faker is one person guys, not clones. Yeah, i know she can be a bot in your account but you can notice it easily if she doesn't talk and doesn't ban in the phase. She is still better than Taric though. He doesn't buy support item. Botters, literally unplayable.

Stop using Flash. It's gimmic spell. Useless and Overussed. Overrated. Ghost and Barrier are much better for the clutch and follow up potential. YOu can even reach your lane with Ghost since the buffs btw. Very good for catching waves against Yorick.

Many people say Ryze has not ult outside of pro play. Lies of an NPC. Use your ult to put your minions under enemy tower so he misses them. Useful for when enemy Nasus didn't reach his lane yet. Don't talk to me about freezing against Nasus. It's boooooooooooring. You can use the same ult strat with the hammer waifu with enemy minions so you minions go under the tower cus of the push effect.

You are probably wondering why I am spitting so much hot take bombs? I hate the popular opinion because it does not benefit me. Most pro players nowadays just want money. They don't want their fans to be inspired by them. They want them to stay low elo so they have a reason to watch more and learn half advices until winners queue happens. Never stop blame your teammates, you might feel good that it's not your fault :D

i hope we can have healthy discussion about what i just wrote :)