Some of you have probably realized that I haven't been as active lately... Okay, I haven't been active at all and anyone of you have probably figured that much out. Although I wish to spend as much time as I have before on this site, making builds and creating signatures for many, I cannot seem to find the time anymore. If I try to take the time to do any of these things, I lose out on time that I need for college. Any free time that I have is either taken up with LoL itself or Magic the Gathering. I cannot let a site dedicated to LoL take priority over the game itself and Magic is near and dear to my heart, more than LoL ever will be. So, although I will not be able to finish those signatures(and I am sorry for those who requested; I wish I had time.) or make more guides, I will still try to follow some things and if I ever do get time, make some guides. I don't plan on doing any more signatures, though, as they took too much of my time and messed with my schedule....

Again, I am sorry.


IGN: RealistFreak