We've all been there, normal draft mode, you're last pick for the 93rd time in a row because you don't duo-queue, first thing someone says upon entering. "top or mid plz". In other words, "i suck at communicating and working with people to achieve victory". Don't deny it, especially not if you're one of those people. Now I realize there are people who legitimately know those lanes well, but considering it's solo queue, most people suck at working with a team. I suppose I should thank them for admitting they suck at team work and accept the fact that we're probably going to lose the game.

Now why do I say that they suck at working with people, if we look at the other three roles, support, Ad carry, and jungler. All 3 of those roles require some level of communication and understanding of the game. I know people always joke about how easy AD carry is, but it's actually pretty difficult, especially being on the same page as your support. Jungler and support require the most communication and general knowledge about the game. People that say support is easy are idiots. Good supports win games, if you're simply a healbot soraka then you're doing it wrong.

Now why does this "mid or top plz" irk me? Because to me it's pretty insulting as someone who has taken the time to learn other roles. There is not a single player in the game who can't play mid or top. They might not be good at it, but there isn't anyone who would say "i can't play mid" or "i cant play top". Yet you do hear "i can't play jungle" or "i can't play support". If support is so easy then why can't you play it? What really irks me is people who claim they can only play this role, and I have good RL friends that do this all the time, learn other roles so you can be sufficient at the game. I may suck at jungling, but there are about 3 champions I know how to jungle with effectively, and I know every other role adequately. I'm not saying they might not know other roles, but limiting yourself to two roles in solo queue can easily lose the game for you. There are very few people who are effective supports or junglers, and when you call top or mid, you're pretty much broadcasting that to your entire team.

But why is it that these players are worse than others? I wouldn't directly say they're worse, but I don't think many people would disagree that solo mid and solo top are the easiest roles to play. Granted they're quite volatile lanes, in both lanes being first blooded can lose the lane, heck even dying once can you lose you the lane, were the same is not necessarily true for bot lane. But generally, these players are the ones who don't work well with a team, often they're out of position, constantly on their own, etc. It's pretty safe to say the hardest throwing usually comes from your top or mid lane. I know the stereotypes about bot lane, but usually bot lane players are much more team oriented, as is the jungler, they usually stick together, because they realize how essentially the team is to their success. I think a lot of mid and top lane players suffer from some form of ******ation that hits their brain in solo queue; they feel invincible and then it leads to being out of position and throwing the game.

So are top and mid only players really worse? Probably not, but I tend to find people that can only play those two roles are far less effective as teammates and more likely to blame their team for a loss than themselves. They often feel independent as if they're not needed for team success and I find this selfish mindset to translate into gameplay. You often see bot lane pick around the team. Let's be honest, people pick Ashe for her arrow (just one example), and supports are always team oriented, rarely do you find a top or mid pick based around the team, they're often picked to win lane or for late game reason. These are the main reasons I find top and mid only players so ineffective and downright bad at the game. Now you can be an excellent mid/top only player and that's fine, but I think you could agree that solo lane's independence affects your game play.

anyway thats all I got guys