Greetings Fellow Summoners and Welcome once again to my Blogs.

I have been playing league for over 18 months now and I do love playing it, the thrill of the action, the excitement of doing head first into a battle and the sigh of relief when the final Nexus is destroyed...Ohhh its quite the rush isn't it?

But for all that wonderful enjoyment there is one aspect of the game that could easily ruin it in the long run and that is a section of its community...Now I am not saying everyone is bad (thank god) however there is a large enough batch of them whose attitude and actions have ruined alot of our fun because of it.

So for this special blog I am going to point out 10 things about the League Community that I absolutely hate and despise greatly - Please not that this is in no particular order and some of you may disagree (and you are fully within your rights to do so) but remember these are my own opinions.

1. Those Who deliberately Feed

We have all had to deal with that player who wants to ruin the game simply because they weren't allowed the champion they liked or if someone took the lane they were hoping as well as just throwing a hissy fit because their kill got stolen and decide the best course of action is to intentionally feed the opponents and have no issues going onto chat to announce this to the entire game.

2. Those who continuously "PING"

Now I am aware that Pinging is an important part of the game and I have no problem with it, HOWEVER what irritates me under my skin is when someone decides not to ping once or a couple of times (like 2 or 3 time) but pings 20-30 times in a row for the same spot...What makes it worse is this becomes like the boy who cried wolf and after a few times you start to ignore them only to realize that they were actually in need of your assistance that time but in fairness I don't blame any team mate not helping them out because they cried wolf and they suffered the consequences for their actions.

3. Junglers who refuse to gank a lane

This usually happens when the jungler has a disagreement with another player and decides that this player deserves to be punished by refusing to help them during the match.

Now for me when a player does this, unless what was said in the argument was really horrid then the blame is instantly placed upon the jungler and I am more than happy to report them if they indeed continue to refuse to give any kind of assistance to a lane because usually this ends up with that lane opponent becoming over fed and OP and is usually the key difference in the match and all of that could have been different if the Jungle had put their differences aside and just did their job properly.

4. Those who blame the team for their own bad picks

So frustrating when you got to listen to a whiny *** kid on the other end complaining about how much you suck when its clear the only issue that was they picked a champion that just did not work in that situation.

I had a Ranked game a few days ago and this guy decided to pick Pantheon as a support, now I am not sure if you can support as pantheon but me personally I had never seen it done before (and afterwards I understood why) but from the get go no matter what I did as the ADC I was **** to him.

If I was farming at Level 1...I was ****
If I didn't engage the enemy at Level 3 with 1/2 health like he was...I was ****
If he dies at any point...It was likely because I was **** :/

Now I had already informed him that I was planning to farm at the start to get the gold for a BF Sword and he had acknowledged this but it seemed he had forgotten it by the time we had reached our lane...I am sure you guys have also had similar players too.

5. Those who say everything is EASY

This bugs the hell out of me
Having to listen to that one player announcing everything they are doing is easy, everything you are struggling to do is Easy to them and just their mere presence in the game means its going to be easy for their team to win this match.

Now I will acknowledge that sometimes they players are damn good and they do make it look easy but do they really need to ram this damn everyone throats seriously? I mean it is literally unnecessary...At least have a little class when you are playing a game like League of Legends it doesn't hurt to be like "GGWP you guys did well" on screen and keeping the "I am the greatest" to yourselves right?

6. Those who continuously request reports

Another thing that always annoys me in game is when someone has to continuously request that someone get reported and I mean CONTINUOUSLY.
I get that some players play bad and if they are seemingly doing it deliberately then yes they should be reported but the fact is you don't need to keep telling people to report a player over and over every 30 seconds or so because we can't do anything about it until the end of the game anyways.

Personally speaking usually if a player keep requesting others to be reported it is usually them who are the ones that I take the time out to report at the end because in my opinion if you have time to keep stopping to demand reports then that to me shows that you are not doing your best in the game and are probably costing the team the victory in some way.

7. Those who are rude to those who give help

It's one thing to be rude, it's a totally difference thing when you are actually rude to a person who offers you helpful advice which could benefit not only the player but the entire team in the long run.

I don't get the logic behind it really, I mean what goes through a person head that would let them hear something helpful and make their brains go "tell them to go F*** themselves"? It boggles the mind at just how ridiculous they sound at that moment to me.

8. Those who feel that making a team means they get what they want

We have all seen these idiots in game, those who actually believe that if they form a team of 2, 3 or 4 that when they get onto the champion select that they have absolute rights to the lanes that they decided on in their own chat and if someone decides to take the lane one of them wanted then you all might as well click exit because these morons are going to ruin the game and make it impossible to that one player to enjoy themselves or even play effectively.

If you are one of these types then here is a major newsflash...unless you make a 5 man team you don't get to decide where the other players go in the team and in fact you shouldn't even be deciding that on your own and if one of your players ends up being the support or anywhere they don't like then you deal with it like anyone else...By playing and using this time to practice that role.


THE CHAT? too surprisingly because I don't get what it's trying to prove except that that player has enough time to waste by writing in cap locks and in short bursts hoping this is the best way in order to get their message across...well it doesn't and I bet that alot of you probably skipped past that message and went straight to this one right? :P

10. Those who wish cancer on someone

If you wanna know what would have been my number 1 on this list then this is it right here...I said early if you refuse to help a lane unless there was a good reason not to then you should well folks this right here is the best good reason never to help anyone in League of Legends in my opinion.

I don't care if it costs the team a match or anything like that but if you are so f*cked up in your head that you think it is cool to turn to someone you have never met and wish that would get cancer then you are the most horrid of all the trolls, feeders and bad community members on League of Legends or any other game.

I have said it on forums before and I stand by it, I firmly believe if you are caught saying something like this to another player whether you are just starting out in the game or if you are a LCS pro...your account should be instantly terminated and riot should make sure that you can never play League of Legends again for the rest of your life because you are scum of the earth and don't deserve to be a part of the community - Seriously they make all the other 9 on this list actually OK to deal with that is how mad I get with a player who say those words :(

I have lost family members to that disease and I know how much they suffered towards the end and to wanna wish it on someone so they and their families could suffer the same way...AGHHH I am going to end it there before I blow my casket seriously.

*Deep Breath* Anyways that was my 10 things I hate about the League of Legends community - I hope you found it interesting to read and please as allows leave your comments below ^^