Hey guys!

So, awhile back I made a rushed announcement that I would be releasing tons of guides, blah blah blah.
Quite frankly, I've been lazy as ****.
I've been browsing some ideas for my Ashe guide, which seems to be coming along nicely, but still won't be out for a while.

However, I've decided to put full attention to a Jungle Olaf guide.
Reasoning: Current Olaf guides (no offence intended, guys) lack in-depth explaining and most are pretty bland.
What to expect: Pretty much a mirrored layout of my Udyr guide.
BroLAUGHing (Jungle) is the title.

Currently have lots of school work scheduled for the next month or so, but will definitely go HAM on this guide.

That's all guys, thanks!

P.S - If anybody is interested in making me an Introduction banner and a Chapter Header, feel free to give it a shot. I'll give you credit, contribution and +rep.