So, I came up with a pretty cool idea / thread. Saw a few posts about BBCoding help and then I checked all the BBCode guides I have saved. A HUGE amount were stockpiled, so I've decided to place them all into one nicely laid out thread which can be found right here!

It's similar to Meiyjhe's, but I've added in a few other helpful tutorials.

I have PM'ed Mowen, Matt & Flash to see if it could become a sticky thread, as it'll be a huge help for new Mobafire members.
Yes, I know I stuffed up the title and I feel like a scrub, but owell. Hopefully an admin can edit it.

So yeah, hope you guys all like it, enjoy!

On a side note, updated my masteries to look mad:

Pm me if you'd like for me to show you how I did it.