Hi, my name is OyMega, i'm a One Trick Pony Yone, and I'm here to give you some instructions.

As first You need to know some weaknesses and flaws of Yone.
- He is weak at at lvl 1 and 2, until he gets lvl 3.
- Low pressure potential before level 3.
- It's hard to play vs ranged/mage champion before lvl 3.
So it means he has hight lvl 3 potential.

What to do when You got lvl 3?
- A classic combo is this one: (stack Q up to Q3), E, Q3, AA, W, AA, Q
and just poke with E before lvl 6

At lvl 6
- Lvl 6 combo is: (stack up to Q3), E, Q3, R, AA, W, AA, Q

- Whenever You can, just roam, take a prio of lane, and try to make some play on botlane/toplane.
- Use it for snowball


Phantom Dancer, IE, Death's Dance, Frozen Mallet, Berserker's Greaves, GA/Sanguine Blade/Rage Blade


Q, E, W (R whenever you had)