yeah. i gave in.

a bit of context - my name is rivers. i'm a ssb/fgc player from portugal. i've played league from season 3 to season 5, roughly, but i had to stop because my friends did. i never did particularly well (or had any fun) playing this game alone. it was, to me, a very social game, and i was only playing it for the social aspect of it.

i would mainly play marksman roles, with Caitlyn being my main. i also loved to play Diana, mostly jungle, & i had tons of fun while doing it. but my passion has always been fighting games, so i never really focused on learning a moba game, despite loving the competitive scene. i never really cared for ranked games, despite having gotten as far as silver v, which isn't all that good.

so i came back for season 9. i don't have a reason why. honestly, my two roomates play the game, & i asked them if i could play with them. and they agreed. it's been fun so far. i decided to get a new account because i felt like i needed it. i did not spend any money on the other one, so it felt like i was learning the game all over again.

& honestly ?? it's been really fun. despite still struggling with a lot of things, i'm doing my best learning the fundamentals of this game. my friends noticed that i had already some good skills, like positioning, but i'm still struggling with csing & not getting ahead of myself. it's funny how a lot of the mindset from the fgc can apply in a moba - plus the game feels a lot better to play, & with all the new qol things it's a lot cooler.

plus i really liked the old lore - but this new one? ugh. sign me up on all these lore channels & comics & everything. pogchamp

i have decided that i'm going to focus on learning (again) two specific roles, mid & adc. mid has always been my favourite lane despite having had barely played it in the past. the champion i chose as my starter was Ahri, which was one of my favourite champions of the game for a really long time. i also quickly got Caitlyn, Diana, Vi and Evelynn, which were old favourites (& still hella fun, despite me having no clue how to play the current jungle meta lmao). also got Camille (ugh, such a good design!), Ashe, Lux & Miss Fortune.
(if you haven't noticed already, i kinda... have a thing for maining only female characters... lmao.)

i figured that if i wanted to learn these roles, i'd have to know a couple champions from each so i have a better grasp at different styles of play. despite basically only be playing Caitlyn in the bottom lane, i have other two picks that i know the basics off.

so the roster, for now, is the following:


Ahri - fun kit, love the burst damage she has.
Diana - still haven't figured out to properly play her vs ranged champs, but she might have my favourite kit of all time in this game. it just feels so satisfying to play.
Lux - honestly only picked her because i got a skin for her, but she's surprisingly fun to play as well.


Caitlyn - my old main, & probably my favourite character in the game. super satisfying to play, & a lot of the old cait tricks still work, which is lovely. <3
Ashe - she doesn't feel different from the s4 ashe i used to play back then, but i still haven't done a lot of games with her to practice. i should, though. she's a cool champion as well.
Miss Fortune - yeah... i got a champion perm shard plus i used to play her as well back then. really powerful tho! a bit scary to play sometimes.

but, despite all this, i have this... strange attraction to the jungle role. like i've mentioned above, i used to play Diana there, alongside Vi, & it was really fun, but really hard. i'd love to practice more, but i feel like i need to learn the game first before venturing there. i've never been a huge fan of the top lane, but i did play a fair bit of Vi there when she was released.


Vi - still one of the coolest kits on this game, and if i have to play jungle currently, i will almost always pick her first. it just feels better to gank with her vs other jungle champions for me, don't know why!
Evelynn - ugh, a great design, and she's scary af... played like one game with her. hella fun, tho!
Camille - if i ever have to pick the top lane, i'll pick her. she's a bit too hard for me atm, as is top lane gameplay in general, but her design? ugh, beautiful. i love her so much.

anyway, i might continue to blog about my (mis)adventures in this game. it's fun to play with friends again, plus i think the game is at its best right now. hopefully i have anything even remotely interesting to say, though.

- rivers