ohk, first thing's first. I'm just going to give you a basis on my time management for making these stories.
none at all.
SO what does this mean?
It means one champion could take 10 days, while another could take 5 hours depending on whether I "feel like doing it". SO yeah.
You gotta deal with a lazy, narcissistic, self-indulgent ****.
So me and my brother.
Jokes, I'm not that bad.
Just a warning to never expect when a stories coming. :P

Now the other thing I reckon I'm gonna do is at the 10 story mark, put it up on the main LoL site. This I am unsure about, I mean is it worth it? and what problems will it cause later on? I gotta look at the impacts it will have before I attempt it. SO yeah, that's it. Going back to LoL now...