Just thought I'd give you a little something from an idea I'm forming. Sneak peak per say.

I smiled slowly, evil emanating from me. A cleaver grows out of me to replace the one I’ve lost, twisting and warping my flesh until it forms its shape. “Please don’t, please,” Ryze says as I start to dissect him. “We don’t have time to play around,” I hear sharply on my earpiece, “you know the stakes.”
“Understood, Mundo out.”

I slowly survey my surroundings like a wolf surveying its kill, checking for that insufferable Ryze. “Move Ahri,” The voice told me, “Ryze has been taken care of, the door needs to be reached”. I checked my surroundings one last time.
“Understood, Ahri out.”

I moved twisting in and out, making a moving target for Tryndamere. Suddenly I closed the gap, executing a lightning fast attack, killing him before he even saw what happened. I hold my hand to my earpiece, “Tryndamere is taken care of.” “Good,” I hear the voice say, “we need you to move now, the door is about to open and we have a limited window.”
“Understood, Riven out.”

I smashed the ground, breaking it into pieces whilst pulverising Ashe into little pieces. I quickly push Jarvan IV back and punch him hard enough to break his armour. I talk into my earpiece,” They’re taken care of.” “Move Alistar,” I hear back,” the door is about to start, we’re out of time.”
“Understood, Alistar out.”

I surveyed my surroundings as each teammate comes up behind me.” Mundo, Ahri, Riven and Alistar. Our time has come, the door is opening. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead.” Suddenly an arch opens up in front of them, raw power twisting throughout. As it warps, nightmarish beasts can be seen in its depths. As I stare into this, a bone chilling fear emanates through me. They look to me then, “are you alright old friend.” I look behind me and force a smile, “as well as one can expect.” As I say this, a voice emanates from the depths. “Han The Stealer of Dreams, Han The Giver of Nightmares, or would you like me to call you the name given by your friends, my nemesis.”
“Han, The Strategist”