So I have created the Introduction/Chapter 1 to my novel/story called Sedah, found here. Now, the graphics are not there yet, just plain old fashioned words for the moment. I am hoping to secure a contract (this makes it sound official doesn't it? goosebumps :P) with lacorpse. I've gone through her work and love it.

Now hold up, don't I already have an artist? Why yes I do, thanks for noticing *special feeling*. I have an artist for Champion Stories. I wish to have a different style of art for my novel/story, you know. Mix it up a bit :P Though there are some other complications...but that's irrelevant right now. I have to wait for her to respond.

Now, I am thinking that I SUCK at time management, which means you should repeatedly abuse me because of this. yet don't, for I am self-imposing a solution. yes, I am doing something so horrific that I will work on time. So unimaginably painful and evil that you should be trembling in fear.
I am going to install a deadline.
You heard me, that fearsome word that sends chills down you're spine. A DAMN DEADLINE. Good for you maybe, but horrific for me. I will actually have to submit something before I feel like it :O I feel compelled to do this for you though.

So the deadline is every Sunday, midday (It's something like +10 GMT), I will submit two new champion stories (drafts of course). Also, I will submit a new chapter for my novel. Hopefully...Second part I cannot guarantee.

Now, that is all. Enjoy my self-imposed deadlines, for I surely won't!
Oh yeah, and lacorpse's signature cafe