I have a date to keep! Damn, I haven't even started :/ and it's saturday night. damn. DAMN. Gotta get off my butt and start some work (except I have to sit down to start work...what? me no speak English). Anyway, this is just a gibberish post. I'm thinking of doing something else other then my story's. Which means random idea developing time! Basically do lots of **** and an idea mysteriously comes to me. Simple right? Better get to it...youtube videos or something. Or staring at a wall...

As I sad, gibberish.

EDIT #1: Next two champions shall be Fiora and Karthus. No, I will not be uploading chapter 2 to Sedah due to the short space of time I have. In fact, Sedah will be updated every two weeks on Sunday. If that annoys you, don't worry. Along with Sedah will come a new type of story I've been thinking of. I'll get to developing it soon enough.

So all in all this is how it will happen:

- Champion Stories is updated once a week on Sunday at midday (GMT +10)
- Sedah will be updated once every two weeks on Sunday at midday (GMT +10)
- Something new will be updated every two weeks on Sunday at midday (GMT +10). You'll find out what it is in two weeks :D

EDIT #2: oh and if you're wondering why my editor is doing any...well, editing. It's because he's away for a couple of weeks. With a VERY good reason too, so you'll have to wait a while before seeing any improvements on my work done. Also note that once my editor comes back, I won't be uploading drafts anymore. I figured, it'd be a pain reading things multiple times right? So that's why the schedule is one week and two.

EDIT #3: hmmm...too little time it seems. I am not able to keep the date for this Sunday. In fairness, I was not given long. I have been busy planning my story's and how they're going to work as well as working on that new idea. Just not enough time. I can promise you that it'll be up in the next couple of days.
I know, I'm dodgy. Just bear with me.