I realize it's a bit late to post this, but I failed to think of it at the time. Yes, my mind failed to comprehend the seamless possibilities of fathoming the inner mind of Hecarim.
That's right.
My mind isn't perfect.
Damn shame isn't it.
It's ruined any pretense of being perfect.
Ignoring such an incomprehensable truth, I resolve to continue the pretense of being perfect.
Yes, big words do make you sound smarter.

So onto something important. Hecarim. My first impression. First off, let me point out that while Hecarim is good at jungling, you cannot jungle him at first level. Waste of time. I suggest waiting until level 2 or 3 and have your W 1 and E 2. I find that seems to work, so just safe lane until then.
Now, to me Hecarim seems quite diverse and so can be changed according to the circumstances. Very helpful in-game to combat a certain op player.
His two - JEEZ. Forgot the damn word. But whatever, you know the spells that give you a dive to the enemy to close the gap. Well yeah, his ult and E does that. Yet they are also cc spells, which is incredible. It allows exceptional ganking, because you can use your E to corner them from the other side of you're teammates and hit him TO you're teammates. If he's a super tank and he survives and runs off, then you can use R to reach him and go in front of him, causing him to run away from you to you're teammates.
But what about health? Wouldn't this diving cause too much damage to you? Yes, but that's where the W comes in. It not only does damage in a radius, but that damage is transferred into health. This allows continuous diving so that you can get those kills.
With all this, he has major damage. And, with the right items, he not only has this super high damage but also is tanked to the max. On top of this, his movement is super high. Some around about stats to show you.

attack damage: 230
attack speed: 1.317
Movement Speed: 451
Physical Resistance: 200 and something
Magic Resistance: 100 and something
Health: 3000
Mana: 1500

That's the stats for when most items are collected. There are one or two more to go, giving various stats. Game never lasted long enough to buy them though. If you're wondering, I'm just using the recommended items from the spotlight video for now.

There would be much more to say, but I think I've talked enough. Any of you have thoughts on Hecarim?