Got really annoyed at this guy, and was pretty tired so I decided to argue with him. Then I got super pissed when the enemy teemo, agreed with him and proceeded to also argue with me.
Oh, and then he decides to exclaim how he has as many assists as me, so I must be bad. Ugh, hello? Different teams you noob.
and complain about how I kept running away, so I must be bad? itsk guys, I'll go suicide as support next time and really feed the enemy.
and jax had a whole convo in-game as well about how I wasn't I can't get out of base, how do you suppose I ward? magic?
ughhh, I'm really tired. Well, might as well post this complaint up :3
Seriously though, the LoL community just gets worse and worse...

here's the conversation if you wish to read it.
Oh, just saw this.
Benjiiii: they will just continue to ask non topic related questions to avoid the real question
really? I don't even...
>.< he wasn't even good, he pinged us to go dive near their turret against a team that's already fed and then proceeds to do a solo dive because he couldn't be bothered to wait for us. gj jax.
ohk, I'll stop now...should probably sleep <.<

ShiftyLookingCow: no i meant us
ShiftyLookingCow: free week lux and first time teemo
Benjiiii: bot doesnt know how to play safe
Benjiiii: 8 kills given in first 15mins
Benjiiii: and im bad apparently
ShiftyLookingCow: youre the only good person on your team
ShiftyLookingCow: partically cause jax op
ShiftyLookingCow: but
Benjiiii: yeah
Benjiiii: apparantly im bad
ShiftyCake: those are your words actually
ShiftyCake: what I said is your arrogant
ShiftyLookingCow: worst soraka ever
Benjiiii: lolol
ShiftyCake: and your not as good as you think
Benjiiii: i know what im doing
ShiftyCake: as jax
Benjiiii: every initiation i did
ShiftyCake: everyone does
Benjiiii: you guys ran away
Benjiiii: yoo scared
ShiftyLookingCow: jax is the only person i was afraid of
Benjiiii: to do anything
ShiftyLookingCow: focus that ***** every time
Benjiiii: you only play when you have the advantage
ShiftyLookingCow: soraka just a feeder
Benjiiii: and if you dont you get scared
Benjiiii: they just ignite me and im done
ShiftyLookingCow: infairness, you wouldve lost a full team fight... my team just never fought together
ShiftyCake: I am support
ShiftyLookingCow: x.x
ShiftyCake: you idiot
Benjiiii: when i dont get ignited i can tank 3 vs 1
ShiftyCake: I don't control the direction
Benjiiii: you didnt ward
ShiftyLookingCow: you had 17 assists there support
Benjiiii: 1.
ShiftyLookingCow: i had 17 assists
ShiftyCake: and that shows your mediocracy
ShiftyCake: you need to be able to move around the map to ward
Benjiiii: i had most gold in game too
Benjiiii: lol..
Benjiiii: so fed
Benjiiii: so much potential
ShiftyCake: and teemo, that would be because you had more kills overall
Benjiiii: wasted because no one will take a risk
Benjiiii: people are too scared in this game
ShiftyLookingCow: lol there was a difference of 17 kills
ShiftyLookingCow: i had 14 of that difference
ShiftyLookingCow: and im not even a support
Benjiiii: dont bother argueing
ShiftyCake: what? where is your logic
ShiftyLookingCow: we had 17 more kills than you
ShiftyLookingCow: if i hadnt killed anyone
ShiftyLookingCow: like you
ShiftyLookingCow: i wouldve had the same score as you
Benjiiii: they will just continue to ask non topic related questions to avoid the real question
ShiftyLookingCow: less deaths
Benjiiii: so gg wp bot
ShiftyLookingCow: as a non-support
ShiftyLookingCow: gg
ShiftyCake: wow
ShiftyCake: enemy team
ShiftyCake: doest get that...
ShiftyCake: this LoL community jsut gets worse and worse
ShiftyCake: makes me want to stop playing

EDIT: Also, kinda embarrassed that he has shifty in his name as well.
He has tainted my name for all eternity D:
Oh yeah, sleep...