I don't know if any-one will answer this, but I'm asking for some help. I'm creating this new idea/story, as you read. The problem is the characters. Now, I am keeping Mundo and Alistar. What I'm not so sure about is Ahri and Riven. So there are two ways to go.

The first is, I pick two different characters. I don't know most of the champions lore though, and it will take a long time to find the right champion. If you guys know any lore that would fit this story I would be grateful if you would tell me. I'm looking for champions that have something they need or searching for. Like how Mundo is searching for immortality and Alistar is searching for that girl.

The other way is just to scrap two of the characters. So, it's just those three characters. Would you want just three characters? I'm not sure about it but we'll see.

Anyway, I hope you'll answer.