In this strategic analysis, I will be bringing a new champion concept to you.


Kurissu appeared one day, on the doorstep of the League claiming servitude. No one knows where he came from, or why he’s here, and he refuses to divulge that information. Any attempt at approaching is nigh impossible, he refuses even the barest of friends for reasons unknown.

Yet in battle, he has never been questioned; for he has one many a fight thanks to his singular abilities. Still the search for his past goes on, yet the only information they could find was a couple of scraps garnered from an old temple. Kurissu is a mystery to all, and even though they search diligently, there is nothing to be found.

“He who sees the general, sees death itself walking”, League of legends Intel; Kurissu

“and at the time of wars creation, the leaders were named after The Lost General, to respect the being that walks with the Gods”, League of Legends Intel; Kurissu


Note: Each and every ability has been designed for strategic use, no damage has been added. This champion has been createdon the basis that he will not fight, instead he will lead. Not a support, not a DPS, not a tank and not a carry. Kurissu is bringing an entirely new concept to League of Legends; he is a strategist (or General for another term). If used effectively, he will become one of the most useful champions in League of Legends.

Passive – The map is revealed to Kurissu once every 30 seconds, for one second.

You must train very hard for this ability. For it to be effective, you must be able to glance at the screen in that one second and take in all its information. If you cannot understand what’s happening and then formulate a plan to stop in less than 5 seconds then most of the time its effectiveness will be greatly diminished.

Greed (Q) - Kurissu feeds an ally champion his gold. Every x gold he gives, he loses x amount of gold. To deactivate, press Q.

This is a much needed and useful ability, but I nerfed it a bit. How? I made it so that every gold you give, you lose more. So if you lose 4 gold for every 1, then giving .5k would lose you 2k. It is useful to help out your DPS if they’re getting dominated in their lane and other such circumstances.

Radar (W) - Kurissu spikes the ground with radar, doing a revolution every x second/s. It makes a sound and shows champions for x second/s in a x radius in the position it’s facing. The radar lasts x seconds.

The radar works like a real life radar, checking the surrounds in a logical circle format. This means it can only see what it’s facing.

Gaelic (E) - Kurissu passively has a pet called Gaelic with x amount of health, x amount of attack damage and x amount of health regeneration per 5 seconds, which only last hits minions. Kurissu can activate this ability to leech Gaelic, healing Kurissu with the amount of health Gaelic had left.

Gaelic will only last hit minions, no attacking champions and no attacking minions until their health is low enough. He needs this automatic farming, for he cannot damage an opponent.

Transmutation (R) - Kurissu dissipates, covering himself over a champion’s body for x seconds; rendering any attacks on him to x% power, and taking the damage for him. Kurissu returns to his normal form at the end of the duration, and paralysis the enemy targets that attacked him for x seconds.

This ultimate must be used wisely, for it can cause your demise if you try to protect your teammate from too many attacks.

Any helpful criticism or comments are greatly appreciated, mainly in cake form