Anyone else got Black ops 2? Cause zomg. I'm platinum.
Ranked 50-something or whatever now in platinum. Won every single match except one in the preliminaries to get into platinum, when half my team left on me...
Seriously, it sucks. Half your team leaves during the middle of the match? **** that ****. And I think leaving also counts as a loss, so I couldn't do that :( and they had a pro dujde on the other team, so even when I was fighting properly I couldn't beat him AND everyone else (also, the last two teammates were full derp).
Wait, this isn't the point.
zomg, I'm platinum.

Anyone else want to share their rank? Or own my face by saying your in the Master division.

EDIT: uhmmm, also, I have the care package edition female costume if anyone wants it?