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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Champion Stories

12 May
Sorry it's a couple of hours alte, I actually finishd it ages ago. Lost track of time :/ fml why does this stuff always happen to me. Anyways, it's up here for you're pleasure. Enjoy.

I know the artwork is coming up really late now guys, but my artist is overloaded with work atm so...yeah. Everyone seems to be doing something around this time :/
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23 Apr
Is done. They are Dr Mundo and Veigar. So check them out through the link

artwork is up

totally ignore this bit. I'm at school, and have nowhere else to put it where I'll remember lolz.
Wish to spread the word? code for sig blagh blagh blagh <--- I said ignore that, so damn you if you read it :P
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23 Apr
We have sorted it out, and he has agreed to be the editor for Champion Stories. This means he will review what I have done and seek improvements/fix what's there. I'm eternally grateful, for this will reduce the time I have to work on the stories by half.

So basically, the deals closed. I now have an amazing artist, a superb editor and me. Wait, so I'm useless? jokes, but anyways, enjoy what's coming!

Also I will have Champions #5 and #6 up in the next 2-3 hours. I have already finished the stories, just have to type them up now.
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22 Apr
Another heads up. The artworks complete and up, so if you wish to see it then visit this link

Also, on the other guy writing the stories there has been a change of plans. Sharing making the stories will cause problems in the long run, so I'm going to have to forsake that. Instead I have asked him to be an editor (which checks the stories), as of yet though I have no reply so I will see how that turns out.
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20 Apr
Just letting you know that I have got an artist to start on my banners and such for my stories, I am very grateful. If you want to check it out, click on this link. It's a very unique style, so it won't be wasted to have a look.

Now, the other update is I'm getting another person to start writing stories, so we'll be doing it as a collaborative effort. We haven't sorted it out yet though, but it seems as if he will accept. Here's the...
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