Hey, so I am trash at league of legends, which normally is fine
But there is one person I often duo-queue with and I feel/know I'm always dragging them down, which makes me feel somewhat sad I guess. The person in question says it's fine, but I feel like it is not fun, It can't be fun to play with someone who is way worse than you.

I do/done everything I can, look at macro/micro guides, play games as much as I can (I can't play everyday, unfortunately, so I only play when I can) I constantly watch/read guides on champions I enjoy.
I constantly read up on patch-notes and such when it's relevant to the lane/champs I like to play on. I honestly just feel completely lost.

Do you people have any tips/ideas on what to do to improve? I'm honestly debating quitting LoL until I get my own pc so I can play whenever I feel like playing, but then I don't know if the person I play with is fine with me just stopping for a while. I don't know