As the title shows, i bought Shyvana. I was afraid that it is gona be a huge mistake, but i was wrong. She is a good champ, interesting skills, and what is the biggest + is the dragon form. I'm huge fan of the dragons so she got a small piece in my heart:P
The first match was interesting, i met 3 other player who are very very friendly and teamworkers. The match was good, not as good as it could be, but was good. I enjoy every minute of this match, was fun there was not raging or offense, just game and fun, what is the main meaning of LoL (for me). I hate when i'm in a team and a kid just starting to rage because of "KS" or something like that, this is a TEAM game and this is why i cant understand this rages...
So those players who was in my team enjoyed the game too, and we decided to play an other, but we've been defeated because the lot of ranged champions, they are my nightmare when i'M on melee or support (hm...i only have melee and supp champions)...but not inportant, we did what we could and had a great time..

So the game about having fun, and meet nice ppl, not about rage, offense or other things like this.
I hope, someone read this thoughts, and this match shows me there are good players (with skills, but the most important: with patience and kindliness).

Good night!