So, recently I've been working hard on a couple guides I'm writing, one for Aatrox, another for Riven, and one for Jax. I actually put my Riven and Jax guides aside for now, and I'm working on my Aatrox guide. I have plans for a Rengar guide, but it'll be later. I already had some work done on both Riven and Jax, and when I looked back on them, I realized that my play style and general idea of how to build champions has changed a lot. For Jax, it was all based around building LOADS of attack speed and life-steal. Now I look back and realize that the build I was using is just terrible. My Riven build was built one way, and had no real flexibility. I never would have even thought about building Mercurial Scimitar if I was facing things like Chum the Waters, and I never would build a GA. I didn't see them as good items, and simply dismissed them. I didn't know how to wall jump with Riven, and still built IE and Ghostblade on her. It's weird thinking that I actually built champions like that, and actually thought I knew so much about theses champions when I really knew nothing. I'm surprised by half of the things I actually wrote, such as "Jax doesn't armor. He's built for straight damage." or "Riven needs high attack speed to be effective". I didn't think anyone could ever think such things, although the Jax statement can work and can be a very strong build for him, but he's better off as a bruiser who soaks up damage and dishes it out.

My play style has changed drastically, too. I went from mostly wanting to just kill enemies. Over and over and over and over. However, now I want to stay in my lane forever and farm and take turrets. I don't find as much joy in killing as I used to. I also noticed that some of the humor I tried putting into my guides was just silly and not needed.

So, I scrapped my Riven and Jax guides. Why I was writing a Jax guide to begin with, I have no idea. I don't play him, and never really did. I confuse myself a lot.

I'm also working on creating another humor guide, I just need ideas to flow with.
The ideas I have now are:
Zed is easy (Unless you live on the east coast)
Rammus, the Rolly-Polly
How To Correctly Play League of Legends II: Fo Realsies This Time
Cry me a river... AND PUT A WARD IN IT

What do you think of them? Which one sounds most interesting. I know how I'll do each one, but I don't know if some of them would be funny to other people. They amuse me quite a bit, but I don't want to sound even more ******ed than I already do. I'd love feedback from you all!